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One Thing for the Week: Be a Mini Prostitute

Have a little fun and live life on the edge by looking at someone suggestively, and if they look back just as suggestively - charge them some money. Don’t let it stop there, charge for everything from kissing them on the cheek... to allowing them to touch your hand. Go forth and dare to be out there.

One Thing for the Week: Discriminate in a Positive Way

The task for this week is to discriminate in a positive manner. This includes only purchasing things from women over the age of 55, doing business with people taller than you, getting far away from pregnant women, and refusing to answer questions from brunettes… think you are up for the task?

One Thing for the Week: Tip Abnormally

Perform a random act of kindness this week by tipping abnormally more than you usually do. You get to decide who will be the lucky person, and your tip shouldn’t be based on their service... but as an act of generosity.

One Thing for the Week: Judgment Day

If there’s one thing you can’t do, it’s lie on Judgment Day. The task this week is to be honest with yourself by filling out a self-assessment form. All you need to do is list all your good deeds and sins. Whichever is longer gives you a pretty good indication of where you might be headed.

One Thing for the Week: Control Your Dreams

Ever wondered if you could control your dreams? Well, influencing your dreams might be a real thing. All you need to do is focus your thoughts on the following before sleep: a hedgehog, an airplane and a little person. If you dream about any one of those things then hey, you can control your dreams!

One Thing for the Week: Draft a Speech to the UN

Ever imagined yourself standing in front of the world’s most influential and powerful people? Well, you just might get a chance to do that. The One Thing for the Week is to write a speech to the UN... and who knows, yours just might be selected.

One Thing for the Week: Your Weapon of Choice

With the increase of crime and violence in South Africa, it's important to be able to protect yourself if anything ever had to happen. Gareth encourages you to get a weapon that you are completely comfortable with, that you can use to protect yourself in times of danger.

One Thing for the Week: What Do You Think of Yourself?

The task for this week is to unleash your inner Michelangelo and draw a self-portrait. The whole purpose of this exercise is to reveal what you think of yourself and discover how you truly view yourself. The upside about this is that you don’t have to show anyone your drawing.

One Thing for the Week: Self Improvement 101

Gareth proposes a real challenge this week - ask three people who you value highly in your life to share one thing they absolutely don't like about you. Then you have until the end of the year to improve... can you do it?

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