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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Recent surveys have shown that depression, anxiety and suicides have increased the world over since the pandemic began - disruption to daily routines and to the economy have impacted our lives in ways that will live way beyond the lockdowns.

"The world is going through tremendous chaos and change, and individuals and corporates are trying to adapt to this change with little or no guide or reference point. What is the public 'bidding' for? Emotional stability? Consistency? Answers? Hope? Leadership? A blueprint? An escape?"

That’s according to Dr Hanan Bushkin - renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. Dr Bushkin has worked for more than 18 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Gareth Cliff and CliffCentral have teamed up with Dr Bushkin to tackle mental wellbeing in the “new normal” and looking to the future with this weekly podcast - broadcast live on The Gareth Cliff Show every Monday and available on the CliffCentral website, app and YouTube (or wherever you get your podcasts) at your convenience.

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Learn to be Specific

This week, Tumi Morake is curious to know if there’s a nice way to ask for space. Dr. Hanan Buskhin shares the importance of communication, and how to do so specifically.

Internal vs External

Gareth asks Dr Hanan Bushkin what people can do for the upcoming festive season, which isn’t so positive for some. Dr Hanan explains why going inside your own head can be a bad thing… and how living ‘externally’ is the solution.

How to Deal with a Cheating Partner

Dr Hanan Buskhin responds to an email from Gina about catching her partner cheating on her. He shares possible ways to overcome this situation, and why you shouldn’t run to your friends for advice.

9 Essentials for a Healthy Relationship

After trending on social media, Dr Hanan Buskhin shares his expert opinion on the whole Sonia/Matthew Booth saga. He speaks about the 9 essentials for a healthy relationship, going public, the pressure of being a celeb power couple, and why people possibly cheat.

Dealing with Matric Exam Stress

It’s that time of year - matric exams… and along with that comes a lot of stress and anxiety - for both the learners writing the exams, and their parents! This week Dr Hanan Bushkin speaks about what we can do to help our kids, and how they can help themselves. He’s joined by teacher and school owner, Tyron Fuchsloch.

How to deal with a Home Break-in

We got an email from one of our listeners with a similar issue to something Simphiwe wanted some help with. Simphiwe joins the show to seek advice from Dr Hanan Bushkin on how to deal with a recent break-in at her home.

How to Maintain Adult Friendships

Is it possible to have too many or too few friends? Is it normal to not have any friends? This week Dr Hanan Bushkin responds to an email from Steph about making new friends as an adult.

Change of Perspective

The team speaks to Antoinette, who wrote a blog post that inspired Dr Hanan Bushkin. Her article chronicles her perspective on South Africa, and Dr Hanan thinks that every South African needs to hear it!

Be The Partner You Want

This week Mash opens up about feeling lonely and wanting a romantic partner. Dr Hanan Buskhin gives him some honest dating advice.

The Relationship Game

Shanon joins the show with a tricky situation she would like some advice about, involving her boyfriend’s best friend and his wife. Dr Hanan Bushkin shares how saying, “This is how you made me feel” is a useless statement - and instead it helps to address people on how you want them to play the game.

How to Deal with Grief

This week Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the team to discuss something that pretty much everyone can relate to - grief. He talks about the phases (not stages) of grief, and also shares some useful tips on how to deal with it.

Working Mom Guilt

Dr Hanan Bushkin unpacks the identity many women have with being mothers, and the struggle to find balance when you’re a working mom. Sacrifice is inevitable, but compromise is a substitute. The coin theory makes an appearance again, reminding you to choose carefully where you invest your time and energy as a parent.

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