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Dr Hanan Bushkin is a renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. He has worked for more than 20 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Catch him every Monday, live on The Gareth Cliff Show, as he tackles various issues related to mental well-being, and how we can better relate to each other in life and work.
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Stimulant Culture

Kids and teens are under pressure from schoolwork, social media and the need to compete. Dr Hanan explains why they are seeking distraction and escape through various stimulants… and what parents can do about it.
24 Jun 10 min

Guilt and Manipulation

Dr Hanan explains the evolutionary purpose of emotions, with a special focus on the functionality of guilt.
10 Jun 12 min

Childhood Trauma

Dr Hanan answers a question about childhood trauma… do we all have it? And do we all have to deal with it?
3 Jun 12 min

Child of Divorce

Dr Hanan Bushkin deals with a listener question about divorced parents, and how the kids involved can deal with the conflict - no matter how old they are.
13 May 13 min

Instruments vs Feelings

Dr Hanan breaks down our obsession with celebrities, and our compulsion to watch their lives unfold… especially when things go wrong.
15 Apr 12 min

Conspiracy Addiction

Dr Hanan responds to an email from a desperate daughter, who is losing her relationship with her dad due to his obsession with conspiracy theories.
8 Apr 11 min

Quick Fixes

Why do people automatically jump to conspiracy theories when it comes to famous people? Dr Hanan has a surprising answer, which leads Gareth to ask more questions about why we act the way we do. Plus, the doc is asked a question about stupidity.
25 Mar 13 min

Unhelpful Labels

Dr Hanan Bushkin gives Gareth Cliff advice on setting boundaries and creating specific dynamics between people. Producer James asks Dr Hanan about people who believe that depression isn’t real, and the difference between a tough time and depression.
18 Mar 15 min

Fear of Failure

Gareth and Dr Hanan Bushkin discuss conflict on social media, and who you should be comparing yourself to when interacting online. Hanan’s answer? “You should be assessing what you want to achieve in life.” Dr Hanan also explores the reason people avoid setting goals for self-improvement.
11 Mar 14 min

Overwhelming Support

Simphiwe chats to Dr Hanan Bushkin about how to deal with being flooded with messages of support after a loss. Dr Hanan also gives Simphiwe advice on how to deal with people who make romantic advances during a period of grief.
3 Mar 14 min

Anxiety and Travel

Producer Ryan asks Dr Hanan how to cope with one of his biggest life changes, moving abroad. And Gareth questions people who medicate when one does not need to, regardless of the your poison of choice.
25 Feb 13 min

Socialisation and Gender Norms

Dr Hanan joins Gareth, Producer Ryan and Sunil Osman to discuss socialisation and gender roles, and how everyone’s path is unique.
18 Feb 13 min

Dealing with Loss in the Workplace

After dealing with a tragic loss at CliffCentral last week, Dr Hanan has some advice for fellow colleagues when dealing with loss in the workplace.
11 Feb 13 min

The Pain of Loss from Afar

Dr Hanan helps a son who is struggling to cope with his mother's death, as he lives overseas and was unable to say goodbye or attend the funeral in person.
4 Feb 13 min

Schadenfreude & Societal Hierarchy

Dr Hanan delves into the concept of schadenfreude... why do people tend so naturally towards it? He also gets into societal values, how people base their self-worth on the societal hierarchy, and about not comparing yourself to someone else - but rather to compare yourself to the better version of…
28 Jan 17 min

Familiarity VS Opportunity

Why do so many young people just want to sit around and get social grants instead of trying to get a job? Dr Hanan explains how people tend to stick with what they know, regardless of what they want or know is good for them.
21 Jan 14 min

Committing to Parenthood

Is there a right time to have kids? There are many aspects to consider, such as emotional and financial stability, practical work-life balance, and the state of your relationship.
17 Dec 2023 15 min

Lessons in Self-Control

Dr Hanan delves into how how hard it is for humans to avoid temptation, and why it’s important to know what your weaknesses are, in order to avoid them.
10 Dec 2023 12 min

In-law Issues

Dr Hanan received an email from Sasha, asking for advice on how best to deal with a difficult situation, without causing a rift between her partner and his parents.
3 Dec 2023 12 min

Confirmation Bias

Dr Hanan joins the show to discuss confirmation bias, that nifty little brain glitch where we cherry-pick info that backs up our beliefs. It’s like getting stuck in a ‘yes-man’ echo chamber. Gareth, Leigh-Ann and Bakh’abantu try unravel the complexities behind the lens.
26 Nov 2023 13 min
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