It's Going to be OK

It's Going to be OK

Dr Hanan Bushkin is a renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. He has worked for more than 20 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Catch him every Monday, live on The Gareth Cliff Show, as he tackles various issues related to mental well-being, and how we can better relate to each other in life and work.
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In-law Issues

Dr Hanan received an email from Sasha, asking for advice on how best to deal with a difficult situation, without causing a rift between her partner and his parents.
3 Dec 12 min

Confirmation Bias

Dr Hanan joins the show to discuss confirmation bias, that nifty little brain glitch where we cherry-pick info that backs up our beliefs. It’s like getting stuck in a ‘yes-man’ echo chamber. Gareth, Leigh-Ann and Bakh’abantu try unravel the complexities behind the lens.
26 Nov 13 min

Quality vs Quantity

This week, Dr Hanan provides advice based on an email from a father asking for tools to compartmentalise his work mentality to maintain a happy family mindset. He emphasises the significance of goal setting for ensuring quality time with loved ones.
19 Nov 14 min

Matric Exams Stress

With matric exams upon us, Dr Hanan has some wise words for both pupils and parents - mentally preparing all involved for this important and stressful time.
12 Nov 13 min

Do what you can Control

Jacky joins the team in studio after struggling to come to terms with the death of his adoptive father. Dr Hanan explains the process of closure when dealing with the realities of justice.
5 Nov 13 min

Purposeful Carrot

What if your dream job can’t sustain you financially? Or if you have a well-paying one that makes you miserable? Can we have it all? Dr Hanan chimes in with some realistic advice.
30 Oct 11 min

The Co-Dependant Love Story

Dr Hanan Bushkin has some thoughts on the Will Smith x Jada Pinkett Smith saga. Is it co-dependancy or a lie?
23 Oct 11 min

Dealing with Grief remotely

We received a request from Ashleigh for Dr Hanan, on how to deal with grief from the other side of the world. Having moved to the USA from South Africa, she's having a tough time supporting her family after a recent death. Dr Hanan shares some words of wisdom.
16 Oct 11 min

How to Get off the Fence

Dr Hanan gets into the importance of being independent and able to make a decision on your own, and having confidence in the decision you make - even if it’s wrong.
9 Oct 14 min

Mind and Body

How much does your mental state affect your physical health? Dr Hanan says you should always question what you put into your body - from the medication you take, to the food you eat.
2 Oct 12 min

How to End a Relationship

Ending a relationship is like a negotiation, according to Dr Hanan. He talks the team through the stages of a break-up in today’s age - including where kids are involved, in romantic relationships, as well as ending friendships.
18 Sep 14 min

Should you Trust your Feelings?

The team delves into whether or not you should actually trust your feelings. Dr Hanan Bushkin gives advice on how to navigate platonic relationships when you don't like your friend's partner, how to foster a relationship with an estranged parent, and more!
11 Sep 16 min

Relationships with Addicts

Dr Hanan Bushkin questions Gareth about how he makes sense of getting older after his recent birthday. The audience sends in some questions for the doc to answer, including dealing with an addict in a relationship.
28 Aug 12 min

Love Try-Angle

Dr Hanan has some advice about a listener’s tricky love triangle situation. He shares some words of wisdom and also speaks to Gareth and the team about suicide and the definition of chemical imbalances.
21 Aug 13 min

Conditional vs Unconditional Love

Dr Hanan hosts another open Q&A session, and a question about kindness leads to him sharing some nuggets of wisdom about unconditional love. He also deals with a query about distraction.
14 Aug 13 min

Q Hanan

It’s an open Q&A session with the doc this week, and the comment section is full of questions! Is colour psychology nonsense? Is there more to confidence than just feeling good and knowing who you are?
7 Aug 12 min

Building Camp

Should you fight for a relationship to survive if your partner ends it? Dr Hanan advises Bakh'abantu about his ex-girlfriend, while dropping many pearls of wisdom that we can all apply to many types of partnerships.
31 Jul 13 min

Celebrity Consultants

Gareth wants to know why celebrities are so desperate to showcase their wealth, and why some are so focused on sharing every part of their personal lives with their fans. Dr Hanan offers some possible explanations.
24 Jul 11 min

Beating Procrastination

Dr. Hanan Bushkin gives advice on how to stop procrastinating and get things done, using discipline and motivation… two of his favorite subjects to talk about.
10 Jul 13 min
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