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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Recent surveys have shown that depression, anxiety and suicides have increased the world over since the pandemic began - disruption to daily routines and to the economy have impacted our lives in ways that will live way beyond the lockdowns.

"The world is going through tremendous chaos and change, and individuals and corporates are trying to adapt to this change with little or no guide or reference point. What is the public 'bidding' for? Emotional stability? Consistency? Answers? Hope? Leadership? A blueprint? An escape?"

That’s according to Dr Hanan Bushkin - renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. Dr Bushkin has worked for more than 18 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Gareth Cliff and CliffCentral have teamed up with Dr Bushkin to tackle mental wellbeing in the “new normal” and looking to the future with this weekly podcast - broadcast live on The Gareth Cliff Show every Monday and available on the CliffCentral website, app and YouTube (or wherever you get your podcasts) at your convenience.

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Navigating Family Relationships

Dr Hanan Bushkin shares some advice on how to navigate a tricky family relationship - and how sometimes the only solution is to grin and bear it to keep the peace.

Navigating Friendships

This week we got an email from Rachel asking for some advice concerning a 30-year friendship. Dr Hanan also answers whether or not people can have platonic relationships.

Learn How to Communicate

This week Dr Hanan Bushkin tackles the importance of communicating and making compromises in your relationship. He also gives advice on how to deal with a traumatic event.

Take your Parents to Work

Matthew’s dilemma is that his parents haven’t really grasped that he is a fully grown adult, with potentially valuable insights and opinions too. Dr Hanan Bushkin sheds some light on how to navigate this, and the importance of knowing where you want to go in life.

Making Compromises

This week we get an update from Simphiwe and Mbulelo… have they resolved their differences? Do they have new issues to fight over? Has anything else changed? The issue at hand was that Mbulelo said Simphiwe was ‘late’ for work if she wasn’t there by 5:30am, and she said getting there by 5:55am was on time.

How to Parent 101

This week Dr Hanan Bushkin explains how to create the balance of getting your kids to harden up, versus empathy to how they respond to the world around them. He shares the importance of creating a system that rewards good behaviour and punishes bad behaviour.

What Abuse Looks Like

Barret, who works at CliffCentral, joins Dr Hanan Bushkin this week to talk about the abuse he experienced as a child, and to get help on how to overcome that trauma.

Living with Manic Bipolar

Your first thought when you hear that someone has bipolar might be that they have different personalities. Well, in this episode Dr Hanan Bushkin dispels that by talking to Celeb Mutombwa, who speaks about living with manic bipolar. They get into the highs, the lows and the impact that this has on the people closest to them.

Emotional Forgiveness

This week, Dr Hanan Bushkin dissects the murder of the Dickason children in New Zealand, and tries to explain what might have gone wrong. To his surprise, the husband has spoken up about forgiving his wife and requesting that everyone else do the same.

Finding a Sense of Purpose

So many people seem to tie their sense of purpose to being a parent, a partner or their job title... but what happens when it all changes? This week Dr Hanan Bushkin delves into how to deal with long term low level anxiety.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Mbulelo says Simphiwe is always late for work, even though she gets there 5 minutes before the show starts, he believes she should be there 30 minutes before. How can such conflicts be resolved between people who have to work together daily, but see things so differently? Dr Hanan Bushkin helps the two of them reach some point of resolution.

Resolving Friendship Conflicts

What do you do when you make new friends, and you all get along just fine, but they are very religious and you are not? If you have an issue with a colleague, partner, family member or friend, and you would like to receive a free consultation with Dr Hanan Bushkin live on the show, email us on

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