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Join us as we explore the latest trends in online travel technology and discover the hottest holiday destinations and products – from hidden gems and bucket list adventures, to best-kept travel secrets and must-visit spots, we’ll discuss them all!

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Welcome to The Window Seat – where travel dreams take flight!
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12 Episodes

When in Rome…

Morne du Preez - CEO of Tourvest Travel Services - chats to Gareth about his recent trip to France to see the Springboks in action against Ireland, and his current visit to Rome for the Ryder Cup. Plus, a tip from Nina Hastie about the best gelato in Italy!
26 Sep 11 min

Student Travel made easy

When Ndabenhle Ntshangase and Lwanda Shabalala were students, they conceived an idea to fill a gap in the travel market. Just over five years later, their vision has blossomed into a thriving business. AirStudent is now a franchise partner of Tourvest Travel Services, with a website built on the TravelIt…
12 Sep 12 min

Latest Travel Scoop with Claude Vankeirsbilck

Join Gareth and the team in-studio as Claude Vankeirsbilck, Chief Operating Officer of Tourvest Travel Services, discusses the latest travel industry news and top spots for your next holiday.
22 Aug 17 min

Destination: Madeira

Famous for being the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo and its beautiful scenery, Shelley Summers from Tourvest Travel Services entices us to travel to Madeira. She shares what makes it a special destination for South Africans, the affordability factor, how to get there, and more.
8 Aug 10 min

Airport Adventures with Agie Adams

Having kicked off his career at SAA, Agie Adams (General Manager for Marketing at Tourvest Travel Services) joins Gareth, Rian and Bakh’abantu to talk about the TTS Educational Programme, which launched in 2017. Agie shares some travel stories, and the one thing he always looks for at all his destinations.
25 Jul 22 min

Thailand Travels

Tracey van den Berg and Carol Petersen from Tourvest Travel Services go though the dos and don'ts for South Africans wanting to travel to Thailand... from wild sex shows, to beautiful beaches, and beyond!
11 Jul 11 min

Incentivising Amazing Journeys

Having been with Tourvest Travel Services for 11 years, and with over 45 countries visited, it's a no-brainer that Robyn Ireton is the person to go to for travel advice. She tells us about the change of landscape in corporate and incentive travel - the most popular destinations in the…
27 Jun 10 min

The Suite Life

Having been an essential part of Tourvest Travel Services for over 27 years, Maria Watkins - General Manager at TTS - jumps on with Gareth Cliff and Lebang Kgosana to discuss how to prioritise booking a vacation in South Africa’s current economic climate, and how to do it on a…
13 Jun 16 min

The Elephant Walk

Gareth Cliff continues his conversation about his trip to Zimbabwe last month. He covers the magnificent Elephant Walk in the bush, the stunning lodge where he stayed - which includes a room called 'The Star Room', and much more.
30 May 12 min

The Magnificence of Victoria Falls

A recent visit to Zimbabwe has opened Gareth Cliff’s eyes to the magnificence of Victoria Falls, and the history surrounding it. The Flight of Angels - a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter trip showing breathtaking views from all angles, zip-lining through the rich forest, and sipping beers at a beautiful restaurant on the…
23 May 18 min

Travel tech insights with Morne du Preez, CEO of Tourvest Travel Services

At a special event at CliffCentral, Morne du Preez - CEO of Tourvest Travel Services - speaks to Gareth Cliff about the enhancements to TTS’s one-stop travel platform, Travelit... along with his vision for the future of travel, the complex back-end of the Travelit system and the advantages of using…
5 Apr 20 min