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Shoulder pads, Rubik’s cubes, luminous clothes, angsty movies... and of course loads of factoids. Paulo and Dori are living in the past - and loving it!
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Wham!ageddon Wipe Out | '80s Xmas Shopping | A Barry Man-i-hole

What if you could take out 7000 Wham!ageddon-playing heathens with the click of 1 play button? DJ Matty did... and he deserves a Knighthood! We visit the Wham! online store and put together our Xmas list, Dori reminds Paulo of the movie 'Falling Down', Paulo warns Dori against watching 'Elves',…
18 Dec 2023 51 min

80s Baldies | Elton John FC | MacGyver's MacLegacy

Power Station likes it hot, Paulo and Dori do not! We needed Richard Dean Anderson to help us MacGyver our aircon, maybe we should have called him by his first name. Paulo compiles a list of his favourite 80s baldies, Dori takes on the 80s Movie Quote Quiz - like…
24 Nov 2023 1 hr 01 min

That 80s Show meets Dr Phil Joffe from Body Beat

You wake up in the late '80s or early '90s - you hear some shuffling in your parents' bedroom... thankfully they're just getting into some Body Beat. It was the exercise sensation of our childhoods with the soundtrack that has burrowed into our brains, and the man behind it all…
11 Nov 2023 37 min

I just called to say I ban you | Dori Dom D**s

Paulo and Dori remember a time when ads were just ads - not dirty little stalkers trying to get you to drink beer. We look back at the '80s sitcoms Matthew Perry guest starred in, and are now convinced that we missed a whole season of 'Who's the Boss?'. Dori…
10 Nov 2023 1 hour

Cabbage Patch Lawsuit | Van Damme of the Universe | Hooked on Vampires

Call Corbin Bernsen... That '80s Show is getting into the legal shenanigans behind the Cabbage Patch Kids. Paulo passes out at the thought of Jean-Claude Van Damme in a He-Man movie, and Dori is hooked on podcasts in this week's entertainment recommendation. And against all odds we find out who…
20 Oct 2023 58 min

Andrew Read-geley | Reboots no one wanted | Olivia Newton's Bomb

Paulo loved George and Me, until he had to read it like a peasant. People keep making 80s reboots, no one wants them, not even a Short Circuit one - unless they rectify 'that' issue. Dori has a viewing recommendation that's hilariously criminal, while Paulo explores a John Travolta and…
13 Oct 2023 57 min
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