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“Don’t Trust Anyone!” - with Jaco Voigt (Catalytic)

Jaco Voigt from Catalytic joins the team to discuss scams and how to potentially avoid falling victim to them. One of his tips is to avoid trusting emails or messages received via social media. He also covers topics like e-SIM cards and purchasing VPNs.
12 Sep 31 min

The WELLTH Fund: Your Health Unlocked! – Dr Noluthando Nematswerani

From mammograms to pap smears and more... what are the essential health screenings for women? Chief Clinical Officer at Discovery Health, Dr Noluthando Nematswerani, joins Gareth Cliff and the team to share key information on how you can get the most out of the Discovery WELLTH Fund.
4 Sep 16 min

John Smit’s ‘Brandewyn Experience’

John Smit dials in from Dubai not only to hype us up about the recent performance by the Springboks, but also to tell us about his latest venture in the ‘brandewyn’ space with Avante Brandy.
1 Sep 9 min

The WELLTH Fund: Your Health Unlocked! - Dr Ron Whelan

Dr Ron Whelan, COO of Discovery Health, drops in to speak to Gareth about the WELLTH Fund and essential screenings for men. He goes into detail about how to start your WELLTH Fund journey, and what some of the benefits include.
28 Aug 22 min

The WELLTH Fund: Your Health Unlocked! - Dr Ryan Noach

Dr Ryan Noach, CEO of Discovery Health, joins Gareth Cliff and Leigh-Ann Mol in studio to discuss Discovery’s WELLth Fund. Dr Noach, assisted by wellness specialist Melissa Naidoo, talk through the step-by-step process of going through a wellness check, the possible outcomes, and why you should do your regular health…
21 Aug 28 min

Crowned with Nilotiqa: Celebrating African Hair Beauty

Have you wondered why women struggle with natural journeys? Their preferences for wigs, weaves and braids? Lebang Kgosana chats with Thokozile Mangwiro to find out about her natural hair journey, her struggles with her natural hair, and finding the right products to suit her needs until Nilotiqa hair products were…
16 Aug 15 min

What's in my crown?

Have you wondered what Shea Butter and Marula Oil do to your natural hair? Join Lebang Kgosana and Thokozile Mangwiro as they chat about what sets Nilotiqa apart from other natural hair care brands, how the brand is suited for your type of hair, and what’s new in their product…
26 Jul 14 min

The Easiest Way to Buy or Sell your Car!

When Gareth Cliff's business partner Rina was looking to buy a new car, Phil Coetzer at De Wit Motors Ermelo sent one to CliffCentral for her to test drive. When she decided to buy it, she did all the paperwork at her office - and they bought her old car…
14 Jul 3 min

The World of Sports Betting with Supabets

How big is sports betting in South Africa, and how does it actually work? Bavu Mpama - Product and Business Development Manager at Supabets - joins The Gareth Cliff Show to enlighten us.
7 Jul 13 min

The History of African Hair

If somebody asks you about your "hair history", how do you respond? On the first episode of 'Crowned: The Nilotiqa Podcast for African Hair Care', founder and CEO of Nilotiqa, Thokozile Mangwiro chats to Lebang Kgosana about the history of African hair, and how Nilotiqa products can walk you through…
5 Jul 15 min

Data Storage Solutions with Jaco Voigt (host of Unbundled)

Jaco Voigt, CEO of Catalytic and host of Unbundled on CliffCentral.com, drops in to The Gareth Cliff Show to talk about longevity when storing your business’ data. Catalytic is launching a brand new product called Wasabi, which stores long-term data for clients in need of a cloud solution for their…
14 Jun 14 min

Damascus Sport

Gareth Cliff is joined in studio by South African boxing legend, Dingaan Thobela, to talk about his career and influence in the industry… alongside Damascus Sport, who started in furniture upholstery and are now killing it in the sports equipment space. CEO Sherwin Enoch talks about the brand and what…
12 Jun 19 min

NESTLÉ BAR.ONE #needenergy

What if you actually had the power to do something about loadshedding? NESTLÉ BAR.ONE has launched an awesome campaign called NESTLÉ BAR.ONE #needenergy – Lighting up Libraries. This campaign is all about keeping libraries open by providing energy during loadshedding, so our youth can have a place to prepare for…
7 Jun 22 min

All about Puberty with Dr Mark (The T Health Show)

Dr Mark from The T Health Show joins Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo to discuss puberty. From the initial stages to the age you should be worried about if you haven’t seen any signs of change yet, and other things to look out for - plus some controversial questions from…
25 May 18 min

Internet Usage Patterns with Jaco Voigt (Catalytic)

Have you ever felt like you’re running out of data faster than you should be? Or perhaps your line has been throttled to the point of no return because it’s the end of the month? Jaco Voigt from Catalytic talks to Gareth Cliff about all of this and more, including…
9 May 13 min

What's coming on season 4 of Beyond Madness?

Psychiatrist and podcast host Prof. Christopher Paul Szabo joins Gareth Cliff and the team to discuss the upcoming season of 'Beyond Madness'. Prof. Szabo shares his concern about mental health in the workplace becoming just a checklist item. He also talks about mental health in children, and common factors between…
25 Apr 42 min

The Cloud - A Useful Business Tool (Jaco Voigt of Catalytic)

Jaco Voigt, CEO of Catalytic, joins The Gareth Cliff Show to talk about ‘The Cloud’ in business. He explains its definition and benefits - whether it be through your own infrastructure, or others. Gareth debates whether it’s worth the money to go through international cloud storage companies. Jaco has a…
28 Mar 17 min
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