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#LiftTheBan: Edna Kloppers

Farm workers are part of a traditional economy in a digital economy, but what are their options if they can't work on the tobacco farms of South Africa? The knock-on effects of closing down value chains is unquantifiable, has government considered this? 296,000 jobs are under threat right now and tobacco farmer Edna Kloppers joins us to speak about her mission to #LiftTheBan - in association with SATTA.

#LiftTheBan: Mphuthi Mphuthi

Soweto Business Access strives to be a game changer in the township economy. The lockdown has had unintended consequences, which are ripping the fabric of the community apart. 30% of the youth are being forced to sell illegal cigarettes instead of being fruit and veg vendors... are we creating criminals by design? Sharing cigarettes due to exorbitant black market prices is a factor in the rapid spread of Covid-19. Mphuthi Mphuthi, Chairperson of Soweto Business Access (SBA), is encouraging government to listen to the people and #LiftTheBan. To join forces, go to - in association with SATTA.

#LiftTheBan: Jabulani Tembe

What are the personal effects of lockdown on tobacco farmers? Considering the crop cycle, how do we protect the tobacco industry beyond lockdown, by allowing them to continue farming? How many jobs will be lost if the tobacco industry is not reopened immediately? Is government endorsing the illegal trade of cigarettes? How will this banning of the tobacco industry affect the commercialisation of black farmers? Jabulani Tembe is the Secretary of the Black Tobacco Farmers Association (BTFA) and he is urging all South Africans to join the #LiftTheBan movement at - in association with SATTA.

#LiftTheBan: Johnny Moloto

When lockdown was imposed, perhaps it should have been considered how value chains work. What cost does the tobacco ban have to the tax coffers? Has the government been in communication with all stakeholders in the value chain to ensure they’re prepared to reopen when the time comes? Finally, what are the societal implications of the ban? Johnny Moloto is working with SATTA and he unpacks the current reality for the tobacco industry.
Lift The Ban

Philip Coetzer: What is Agility?

Benz has added ‘Agility’, an innovative banking solution for your driving pleasure - but what is it, and how can it work for you? And with one click of a button, your phone and your car can be synced and ready to go. For more information visit

Thuli Zikalala: Sign Language interpreter

The interpretation of spoken word for the deaf is not purely functional, but it is profound, because it is the extension of what should be an inalienable right... the right to access of information. Thuli Zikalala, one of only 11 SA Translation Institute (SATI) accredited interpreters in South Africa, has collaborated with CliffCentral and created podcast history. Here's to continuing to open the world's eyes through Blind History.

Be Accountable: The Key to a Professionalised Municipal Finance Office

Where do your tax rands go and how can we track the money trail in the public sector? The Auditor General’s report on audit results for local government - released on 1 July 2020 - showed only 8% of municipalities received clean audits. This reveals how vital strong internal controls, appropriately skilled staff and ethical conduct are in ensuring effective service delivery. Natashia Soopal, the Project Director: Public Sector at SAICA, joins Gareth Cliff to emphasise the need to professionalise the public sector finance professionals.

Philip Coetzer: Why De Wit Motors?

What is the art of motoring and why is it valuable for people to drive a nice car? The GLC 300 Coupe is a work of art. Built for on and off road adventure, the beauty of this fine piece of German ingenuity is that as you navigate the world, your car becomes your phone. It's as easy as saying "Hi Mercedes", and you are in full control of the SUV of the future. De Wit Motors are based in Ermelo and you can check out their full gallery at

Tim Culley: The Central Art of Marketing

Is D.I.Y marketing the way of the future? How much of your target turnover should you spend on marketing your business? There is a wide spectrum of audiences across multiple platforms, how do you ensure that you cut through the noise in a content saturated world to engage them? Can consumption trends be tracked, and what value does that have in business? CliffCentral Creative is here to be your North Star in the marketing landscape in the post-Covid economy... and into the future. Gareth Cliff speaks to Tim Culley to find out more.

AmpaMist: Prevention through Sanitation

Do you know what you might be putting onto your hands and all over your body as you sanitise during these times? If you don’t, you’ll want to listen to this. There’s great headway being made to prevent SARS-CoV2 contamination, by BioConsulting and their Organic Fresh® Sanitiser. The team tells Gareth more about how their product is a carefully formulated complex, exclusively consisting of natural unique S4L Technology flavonoids and extracts with extensively researched sanitary, health, environmentally friendly and food safety benefits. Despite what you might have heard, it’s not all doom and gloom out there!

TEDxRedhillSchool 2020

For those who say youth is wasted on the young, Wangari Mbuthia is challenging all of those notions. TEDxRedhillSchool’s inaugural event was the brainchild of the 18-year-old matric student, and along with her teacher Adam Golding, they have compiled an illustrious list of speakers to address how we can start to imagine a prosperous global society post Covid-19.

Be Accountable: Clean Audits are Bliss

Why is it so important for Public Sector financial offices to be professionalised? Are accountants just bean counters or is interpretation of data and a range of other soft skills important to master the task of balancing the books? What is a 'clean audit' and how can one take proactive measures to achieve this financial clean bill of health? Gareth Cliff speaks to Inge Muller, CFO and CA(SA) on SANRAL, on why she is passionate about professionalising the SANRAL finance office through SAICA’s Associate General Accountants and Accounting Technicians designations. This is a position she’s held for the past 17 years.

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