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Join Colin Iles of Innovation Catalyst as he helps courageous and curious leaders find new opportunities with disruptive interventions in innovation, culture, leadership and strategy.
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Atlas HR Masterclass - Nirit Cohen (Work Futures)

Join Colin Iles of Innovation Catalyst as he helps courageous and curious leaders find new opportunities with disruptive interventions in innovation, culture, leadership and strategy.
28 Jun 2023 43 min

What I learnt from Dirk van der Walt at We Buy Cars

I got to chat with one of the co-founders of We Buy Cars at the BizNews event in the Drakensberg last week, his name is Dirk van der Walt. I've been trying to get hold of Dirk for a significant amount of time now, because We Buy Cars has got…
11 Mar 2022 4 min

Why passive decision making is killing your company

(and what you can do about it) In this episode Gavin Kennedy (Founder/CEO) of Solid Gold Podcasts, steps in to ask Colin why companies will fail if they allow passive decision making to become pervasive and how they can prevent that from happening.
10 Feb 2022 26 min

The Three Pillars Of Leadership

Great leaders do these three things. You can too! Could you be a great leader? If you focus on these three traits, I'm convinced you could be. If you decide to give it a go, let me know what happens.....?
25 Jan 2022 22 min

Sybrin Game Changers - Nic Swingler (ABSA) - The Future Of Financial Crime

Game changers explores the individuals and technologies that are transforming industries. In this session, Colin Iles will chatting with Absa's Group Head Of Financial Crime, Nic Swingler, to learn more about the true size and scale of financial crime and what institutions are doing to fight back.
9 Dec 2021 54 min

Huawei Future of Finance - Andre Hugo - The Future of Banking is Open

In this session I chat with serial entrepreneur, Andre Hugo about his latest disruptive venture Spot Money, and how he believes banking services will change over the coming years. We also explore his own journey from good corporate employee, to great intrapreneur to phenomenal entrepreneur. His lessons are priceless for…
15 Nov 2021 55 min

Huawei Future of Finance - Hylton Kallner - Behavioural Banking

What is behavioural banking? I asked Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner , to explain. Discovery Limited is without question one of South Africa’s most successful companies. But why? In this interview with Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner, I try to understand more about how Discovery Group has become so successful…
22 Sep 2021 54 min

Huawei Future of Finance - Lungisa Fuzile - The Future of Banks?

For Standard Bank It Could Mean Becoming Africa's First Platform Bank. Lungisa Fuzile (Standard Bank South Africa | CEO) Just a few days after Standard Bank announced that they are attempting to transform from traditional to platform banking, I got to interview Lungisa Fuzile, Standard Bank SA's CEO. In our…
30 Aug 2021 52 min

Huawei Future of Finance - Stephen Van Coller - Future of Mobile

What are the implications for financial and telecommunications companies in a world where money goes mobile? I asked Group CEO of EOH, Stephen Van Coller to discuss the future of Mobile Finance! With his wealth of experience in banking and telecommunications, we cover a range of topics including the cost…
8 Jul 2021 45 min

Huawei Future of Finance - Monica Singer - Future of Crypto

The financial sector is entering a period of exponential transformation, the likes of which has not been seen in living memory. In fact, we are already seeing the nascent stages of this transformation with digital currencies, tokenisation and decentralised finance all starting to disrupt the financial services sector. Proponents see…
8 Jul 2021 51 min

Deel Future of Work - John Wentzel - Is the traditional staffing model dead?

The last decade has already seen significant change in how a minority of companies organise their workforce. Uber and Amazon, for example, have led the rise of the gig-economy. Apple and Google have shown that the best employees don’t need to have college degrees. And Zappos and Valve have showcased…
6 Jul 2021 55 min
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