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Huawei Future of Finance - Andre Hugo - The Future of Banking is Open

In this session I chat with serial entrepreneur, Andre Hugo about his latest disruptive venture Spot Money, and how he believes banking services will change over the coming years.

We also explore his own journey from good corporate employee, to great intrapreneur to phenomenal entrepreneur.

His lessons are priceless for anyone in the corporate world looking to move the dial.
Connect with Andre Spot Money Website

Huawei Future of Finance - Hylton Kallner - Behavioural Banking

What is behavioural banking?

I asked Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner , to explain.

Discovery Limited is without question one of South Africa’s most successful companies. But why?

In this interview with Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner, I try to understand more about how Discovery Group has become so successful and how they are applying similar ideas and models in their latest banking product offerings.

Hylton's views on purpose, behavioural economics and avoiding business plans are fascinating.

If you are interested in leadership, culture, innovation or the future of financial services in general, then you'll enjoy this one.
Hylton on LinkedIn Discovery Bank

Huawei Future of Finance - Lungisa Fuzile - The Future of Banks?

For Standard Bank It Could Mean Becoming Africa's First Platform Bank.

Lungisa Fuzile (Standard Bank South Africa | CEO)

Just a few days after Standard Bank announced that they are attempting to transform from traditional to platform banking, I got to interview Lungisa Fuzile, Standard Bank SA's CEO.

In our discussion I asked him what exactly a platform bank is and what the implications of this decision are for Standard Bank.

I also quizzed him on how Standard Bank are attempting to change their culture, as to date the biggest platform businesses in the world are all fast-moving tech companies that just love experimenting and make regular mistakes in their journeys.

If you want a little insight on what we cover in this talk before listening in, check out my pre-writeup here...
Can Standard Bank Become A Platform Bank? It's a good idea, but isn't easy

Huawei Future of Finance - Craig Bond - What can traditional banks learn from Neobanks?

Over the last decade we have seen an explosion in the number of companies attempting to challenge traditional financial services players.

But are they a genuine threat to the incumbents, and if so why?

And more importantly what can todays industry players do, to ensure they maintain their market dominance?

In this podcast, Colin Iles, asked the incredibly well-respected veteran banker, turned neobank entrepreneur Craig Bond to share his views and experiences.

This was a particularly special session, as Craig's experience on both sides of the aisle, place him amongst a handful of financiers that truly understand both the threats incumbents now face and the complexities that they need to overcome to thrive.

If you are in a decision-making role, in a financial services institution in Africa, this will be well worth a listen.
Connect with Craig

Huawei Future of Finance - Stephen Van Coller - Future of Mobile

What are the implications for financial and telecommunications companies in a world where money goes mobile?

I asked Group CEO of EOH, Stephen Van Coller to discuss the future of Mobile Finance!

With his wealth of experience in banking and telecommunications, we cover a range of topics including the cost of data, banking services, how much people trust ‘digital’ money and what structural changes are needed for mobile finance to really take off in South Africa. We also put a lot of time in to discussing how this could bring the benefit of access to the millions of unbanked or underbanked across Africa.
Connect with Stephen

Huawei Future of Finance - Monica Singer - Future of Crypto

The financial sector is entering a period of exponential transformation, the likes of which has not been seen in living memory.

In fact, we are already seeing the nascent stages of this transformation with digital currencies, tokenisation and decentralised finance all starting to disrupt the financial services sector.

Proponents see limitless potential, while critics see nothing but risk.

In this podcast I asked Prof. Monica Singer, former CEO of STRATE and current lead for Consensys Africa, to share her ideas about the opportunities and threats these technologies are creating for central and commercial banks, insurers, regulators, clearers, custodians, exchanges and other industry players.
Connect with Monica

Deel Future of Work - Alex Bouaziz - How do you build a $1.5 B business in a pandemic?

Deel was created at the height of the pandemic.

Yet during that period it's managed to raise over $200mill, build presence in over 150 countries, onboard thousands of business customers and achieve a valuation of $1.25billion......, in less than two years!!!

I asked Forbes featured, Andreessen Horowitz backed, Deel co-founder, Alex Bouaziz, how he managed to achieve such incredible global growth with a distributed workforce, what the future work-force model looks like and why incumbents that don't transform their staffing models will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage!
Deel website Connect with Alex

Deel Future of Work - John Wentzel - Is the traditional staffing model dead?

The last decade has already seen significant change in how a minority of companies organise their workforce.

Uber and Amazon, for example, have led the rise of the gig-economy.

Apple and Google have shown that the best employees don’t need to have college degrees.

And Zappos and Valve have showcased how you can build multi-billion dollar companies without hierarchies or organigrams.

But these are still rare examples in a world, where most corporations still rely heavily on the business models that were developed during the industrial revolution.

But could 2020 be a tipping point, where the new models being tested by some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, go mainstream?

The confluence of inter-generational change, new exponential technologies and of course the impact of covid-19 are forcing companies to reassess how best to organise themselves.

In this podcast Colin Iles asked Dr. John Wentzel, CEO of the leading workforce solutions partner Adcorp, to share his observations on how the relationship between companies and staff is already changing and the risks and opportunities these new work models create.
Connect with John AdCorp Group website

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