Deel Future of Work - John Wentzel - Is the traditional staffing model dead?

The last decade has already seen significant change in how a minority of companies organise their workforce.

Uber and Amazon, for example, have led the rise of the gig-economy.

Apple and Google have shown that the best employees don’t need to have college degrees.

And Zappos and Valve have showcased how you can build multi-billion dollar companies without hierarchies or organigrams.

But these are still rare examples in a world, where most corporations still rely heavily on the business models that were developed during the industrial revolution.

But could 2020 be a tipping point, where the new models being tested by some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, go mainstream?

The confluence of inter-generational change, new exponential technologies and of course the impact of covid-19 are forcing companies to reassess how best to organise themselves.

In this podcast Colin Iles asked Dr. John Wentzel, CEO of the leading workforce solutions partner Adcorp, to share his observations on how the relationship between companies and staff is already changing and the risks and opportunities these new work models create.
6 Jul 2021 English South Africa Business · Self-Improvement

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