Sybrin Game Changers - Jan Pilbauer (Bankserv Africa) - The Future of Payments

Join Colin Iles of Innovation Catalyst as he helps courageous and curious leaders find new opportunities with disruptive interventions in innovation, culture, leadership and strategy.
12 Jun 2022 English South Africa Business · Self-Improvement

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What I learnt from Dirk van der Walt at We Buy Cars

I got to chat with one of the co-founders of We Buy Cars at the BizNews event in the Drakensberg last week, his name is Dirk van der Walt. I've been trying to get hold of Dirk for a significant amount of time now, because We Buy Cars has got…
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Why passive decision making is killing your company

(and what you can do about it) In this episode Gavin Kennedy (Founder/CEO) of Solid Gold Podcasts, steps in to ask Colin why companies will fail if they allow passive decision making to become pervasive and how they can prevent that from happening.
10 Feb 2022 26 min