Huawei Future of Finance - Lungisa Fuzile - The Future of Banks?

For Standard Bank It Could Mean Becoming Africa's First Platform Bank.

Lungisa Fuzile (Standard Bank South Africa | CEO)

Just a few days after Standard Bank announced that they are attempting to transform from traditional to platform banking, I got to interview Lungisa Fuzile, Standard Bank SA's CEO.

In our discussion I asked him what exactly a platform bank is and what the implications of this decision are for Standard Bank.

I also quizzed him on how Standard Bank are attempting to change their culture, as to date the biggest platform businesses in the world are all fast-moving tech companies that just love experimenting and make regular mistakes in their journeys.

If you want a little insight on what we cover in this talk before listening in, check out my pre-writeup here...
30 Aug 2021 English South Africa Business · Self-Improvement

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