Huawei Future of Finance - Craig Bond - What can traditional banks learn from Neobanks?

Over the last decade we have seen an explosion in the number of companies attempting to challenge traditional financial services players.

But are they a genuine threat to the incumbents, and if so why?

And more importantly what can todays industry players do, to ensure they maintain their market dominance?

In this podcast, Colin Iles, asked the incredibly well-respected veteran banker, turned neobank entrepreneur Craig Bond to share his views and experiences.

This was a particularly special session, as Craig's experience on both sides of the aisle, place him amongst a handful of financiers that truly understand both the threats incumbents now face and the complexities that they need to overcome to thrive.

If you are in a decision-making role, in a financial services institution in Africa, this will be well worth a listen.
8 Jul 2021 English South Africa Business · Self-Improvement

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