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Stacey wrote in asking us to fulfill a Christmas Wish for her ex-husband Grant.
They divorced over 3 years ago when their little girl was two years old. The reasons for our divorce or of no importance but what is, is the fact that Grant always has and continues to be a fantastic father. After struggling for many years to 'catch a break' in her career, Stacey was offered an amazing opportunity to upskill and work her way up in a field that she was not qualified in.
She needs to put in the hard work and long hours to succeed.
Grant was fully on board with this and stepped up to bat more than anyone would reasonably expect given their divorce status. Grant arrived at Stacey's home at 05:30 every morning so that he could look after their daughter, while Stacey could leave for work. He woke her, made her lunch, dropped her off and school and then went to work himself. He would do the extramural runs and collect their daughter after school too. He also made sure their daughter had dinner every night.
Grant has unfortunately had trouble with his car and isn’t in the financial position to fix it and has recently had to rely on parents and friends to help him out, and Stacey isn’t in the financial position to step in either. Because he is such a good father, and more than that, such a good person, she has approached the Christmas Wish team and asked that we assist with this. Unfortunately, the car that Grant has is nearing the point of disrepair and if they get it repaired now, it doesn’t have to get to that point.
There are so many stories of animosity, fighting and parental alienation after divorce, but Grant and Stacey’s story is not one of them. They have found a way to work together, not just for their child but to help each other to be better so that she can have better.


Paul wrote into Hot 91.9 FM on behalf of his mother Jennifer.
She is 58 years old and woke up one morning, battling to see, thought nothing of it, hoping it would go away. But her vision did not improve so she then went to see Dr Johan de Lange, and he did some tests. The tests revealed that she had cataracts on her eyes and that the retina was tearing away from the back of the eye. In addition to all this, he discovered bleeding behind her one eye. Paul’s mother needed to have an emergency procedure done.
Paul went to the bank and took a loan of R50,000.00 so that she could get the help she needed. His mother was unemployed and did not have a medical aid, so he did what he could to help.
Jennifer went for follow up checks and injections into the eyes, to try stop the bleeding. The Dr informed her that the treatment was not working, and that she needed to undergo a surgical procedure where they will remove the eye from the socket and re-attach the retina and stop the bleeding. Paul was unable to take another loan from the bank, as the first loan had put him under financial strain. In the meantime, his sister started a funding campaign in the hope of raising the R120,000.00 needed for the procedures. R22,395.00 has been raised to date.
The concern is that Jennifer has recently found permanent employment, at a dentist. She is a qualified dental nurse and relies on her vision to be able to do her work, her employer is aware of her situation. The family need to assist her with having her procedure done, so that her vision can be restored, and she can continue to work. The longer she waits to have the procedure done, the less likely the chance of success.

An anonymous donor has kindly sponsored the cost of the surgery totaling an amount of R120,140.00. The anonymous donor would also like to pay his loan of R50,000.00 for the expenses he has already paid towards his mom's first emergency surgery.


Danielle sent in a wish of a different nature… She knows that this is a tough time of the year for many and that stories we hear are often devastating, heart breaking. They remind us to be grateful for all that we have.
However Danielle wanted to put a positive spin on her wish. She’s a physiotherapist at Olivedale Clinic. Working in the medical profession can be emotionally draining as they experience a lot of sadness. Everyday, without fail, she sees what she believes is one of Earth's angels. His name is Cliffy. Cliffy is one of the cleaning staff at the hospital and has been there for years. He’s become the life and soul of the hospital. Exuberating joy daily, every person who passes him, from the public to the doctors, gets a bright smile, and a personality bubbling with joy. Danielle believes that when she starts her day without a dose of Cliffy's energy, it feels like somethings missing. He is even our country's self-appointed personal rain dancer (he loves teasing about how his dancing can control the rain). Celebrations that take place in the hospital always find Cliffy in the front, in his traditional gear, leading the pack.
This is not a sad wish. This is a letter of absolute gratitude to a man who deserves the recognition of being the epitome of what our country needs right now. Danielle would like for some joy to be brought to a man who brings so much joy to others.
Hot Cares delivered a R10,000.00 voucher to Cliffy at Olivedale clinic this morning.


Angie wrote into Christmas wish on behalf of Stacey, whom she says is “one of the most inspirational and selfless women she’s ever met”.
When Stacey was 18 her whole life was turned upside down, a woman skipped a stop street, hit Stacey’s car, and 6 years later this has affected her whole body, she has to use a wheelchair most of the time, and while she is not bound to the chair, the impact it’s had on her mobility.
However, this wish isn’t to assist with mobility, this is to help make Christmas a little easier for Stacey and her partner. She loves children and serves at her church’s youth group which is where she and her partner volunteered to help foster two children for the long term at their own expense. They are both upstanding members of the community who do what they can to assist everyone in need. Stacey helps ground staff and admin staff with lifts to Kings School West Rand where she works and is always willing to jump in and give a helping hand if needed. She teaches grade 4 and 5 learners and managed to study for her teaching degree all while serving at school as an intern. She never complains about hard work or extra work and tries her best to help with anything she can.
Her car is breaking and isn’t in great shape but is adapted for a wheelchair bound driver. She needs to have it fixed but can’t right now and she would benefit from financial help of any kind.
An anonymous sponsor was so touched by Stacy and her husband that she has donated R20,000.00 towards repairing their vehicle, clothing, nappies, Christmas goodies and other needs for the boys as well as grocery vouchers for them so that they can also share a wonderful Christmas together.


Diane suffers from a bulging disc which is causing severe narrowing of her spinal canal whilst impinging on the S1 nerve roots on both sides. The latest prognosis is that she will be paralysed within 6 weeks if she is not operated on.

Diane is a self-employed, 39 year old, single mother of 2 young children. She is self-employed and the sole breadwinner in a household with 2 aging parents, as well as an unemployed sister with a young daughter.

Without medical aid, Diane's medical expenses are astronomical. She has visited various government institutions only to be told their waiting lists are between 3 and 7 months, with some as long as 2 years, just to get an appointment. Diane just does not have this time!

The back surgery that will cure Diane and literally get her back on her feet costs in excess of R200,000.00 an amount that is just not in her reach. A close friend has appealed to Hot Cares and the Christmas Wish team to assist.
Diane has tried her best to do crowd funding to raise money but has not managed to obtain what she needed as yet.
Diane believed that we were calling her to put out to our listeners to assist with pushing the crowd funding, we surprised her with so much more. Hot Cares contributed R130,000.00 towards her medical costs, and Pieter Liebenberg one of our sponsors contributed a further R30,000.00. Thank you to everyone who supported Hot Cares who made this possible.


Tammy sent in a Christmas Wish for help with her daughter’s educational needs. Tammy’s husband was murdered 6 years ago when their daughter was 4 years old.
Their life was thrown into turmoil. A life of court battles, investigations and legal trauma ensued but after 5 long years of the case being postponed again and again, then finally being heard – the final judgement was made and the accused was found not guilty.
When this happened, Tammy and her daughter tried their best to move on. Then disaster struck, the life policy Tammy’s husband had left for them, which was invested with a financial investment company in North Riding for her daughter’s education had been embezzled.
Tammy’s daughter has had a rough time the past few years and securing her education would make the world of difference to their lives at this point.
Hot Cares will be paying for Tammy’s daughters educational needs for 2020. This includes annual school fees, levy’s, textbooks and stationery totally an amount of R32 000.


This morning the Hot 91.9 Christmas Wish team were able to grant an incredible wish to Lehlogononolo, a customised wheelchair.
He had made his current, now broken, chair from two old wheelchairs. Watch the full story as Jeremy and Sam grant his wish, and Bunny, together with Rentia Myburgh (Medipost Holdings) delivers it to him at Tokologo in Protea Glen.

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