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Weed for me but not for thee | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Makone Maja discuss the plans to build a cannabis collage in the Eastern Cape, they also discuss funding problems in the Western Cape, and the cutting of electricity to a hospital.
29 Nov 9AM 13 min

ANC in danger of liquidation | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Sara Gon discuss the potential liquidation of the ANC’s assets due to the party not paying its bills for the 2019 election. They also discuss the loss of so many jobs in the mining sector and how stock theft also hurts the poorest in our society.
28 Nov 9AM 14 min


Sara Gon, John Endres, and Michael Morris discuss the possibility that Volkswagen will leave SA because of bad policy, load-shedding, and needing to be more competitive; the significant opinion by Sunday Times Deputy Editor Mike Siluma questioning the retention of BEE; and the construction mafia in Cape Town that put…
27 Nov 7AM 32 min

Should sports stars comment on politics?

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Marius Roodt, and Gerbrandt van Heerden. They discuss how much sports stars should talk publicly about their personal political beliefs. They also discuss the horrifying number of children in SA facing starvation and they chat about the huge drop in sin tax collection.
24 Nov 7AM 29 min

Repo Rate remains as is | Daily Friend Wrap

Sara Gon and Chris Hattingh discuss the Reserve Bank’s MPC leaving the repo rate unchanged but with warnings for the future, PetroSA’s proposed partnership with Russia’s Gazprombank to restart the gas-to-liquids refinery in Mossel Bay, and how the Israel/Hamas war could end the ANC-EFF-PA coalitions in local government.
23 Nov 9AM 11 min

The Middle Class is being Crushed | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Michael Morris discuss the startling figures showing how much crime costs South Africa each year and how much poorer middle-class South Africans have become since 2016. They also discuss the planned removal of two judges and the Parliamentary motion to close Israel’s embassy in South Africa.
23 Nov 1AM 14 min

ANC: Private sector is to blame for everything! | Daily Friend Wrap

Hermann Pretorius and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the claims by minister in the presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni that the private sector is undermining government. They also discuss the ANC's use of SASSA to campaign and the former mayor of Joburg endorsing Hamas.
21 Nov 8AM 13 min

Will the ANC surrender power if they lose in 2024?

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Sara Gon, and Michael Morris. They discuss the ANC's potential reaction to losing the 2024 election. They also chat about the charms of competition and the SSA blocking investigations into Eskom corruption.
17 Nov 7AM 34 min

Curtains for Colleen? | Daily Friend Wrap

Michael Morris and Nicholas Lorimer chat about the firing of the Speaker of Johannesburg Cllr Colleen Makhubele. They also discuss the lack of talent at the senior levels of the ANC and they discuss a cop accused of shoplifting.
14 Nov 8AM 14 min

South Africa's most popular politician

Today's Daily Friend with Nicholas Lorimer, Sara Gon, and Marius Roodt. They discuss recent polling by the Social Research Foundation on who SA's most popular politicians are. They also chat about immigration reform and weird NGOs.
13 Nov 7AM 31 min

ANC has a new excuse for loadshedding

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Hermann Pretorius, and Gerbrandt van Heerden. They discuss the claims made by Fikile Mbalula about the real causes of loadshedding. They also discuss child malnutrition and comments by Zondo on the Scorpions.
10 Nov 7AM 33 min

Cyril loves the army | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Makone Maja discuss the repeated deployment of the SANDF to solve SA's law and order problems. They also chat about the murder of witnesses outside the Randburg Magistrates Court and lastly, they discuss the impact of teacher's unions on exams.
9 Nov 9AM 13 min

The Brink of destruction | Daily Friend Wrap

Chris Hattingh and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the court finding that the city manager of Joburg was appointed unlawfully. They also chat about the NHI and the problems with Cape Town's port.
8 Nov 9AM 13 min

Malema: oops I supported the Springboks

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris, and Terence Corrigan. They discuss Malema's reversal of his support of the Springboks. They also discuss the problems getting visas for skilled immigrants into SA. They also chat about people pushing back their retirement.
6 Nov 9AM 32 min

Poland shows South Africa the pathway to prosperity

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer and Sara Gon. They discuss the lessons South Africa should learn from Poland, they also chat about the decline in the use of government services, the AGOA summit and the celebration of the Springboks.
3 Nov 8AM 34 min

The vice-chancellor who would be queen

Today's Daily Friend Wrap with Makone Maja and Nicholas Lorimer. They discuss the damning report of Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng, former vice chancellor of UCT. They also chat about municipal debt write-offs and Eskom's air pollution.
2 Nov 10AM 14 min

SA's fiscal nightmare

Nicholas Lorimer and Hermann Pretorius on this episode of the Daily Friend Wrap. They discuss the SA government's midterm budget. They also chat about the new SOE of SOEs and lastly, they discuss the planned reforms at Transnet.
1 Nov 10AM 13 min
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