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By the People

Dear South Africa founder, Rob Hutchinson joins the team to discuss the latest coming out of the Road Accident Fund, Pravin Gordhan’s new state-owned company, and the saga of the fake Dear SA scammer call centre.
21 Sep 1 hr 02 min

City on the Brink

Uncover the complexities of Tshwane's municipal workers’ strike, corruption issues, coalition dynamics, and the city's future with Mayor Cilliers Brink, as he joins Gareth and Phumi this week.
14 Sep 56 min

Zim Reflections

The South African delegation recently visited Zim President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, after his re-election. A concerned Pan-Africanist, professional speaker, leadership expert, author and entrepreneur, Godfrey Madanhire, jumps on to give his perspective on Zimbabwe’s recent election, their BRICS request, and lots more on African and global politics.
7 Sep 57 min

‘SA needs catastrophe’

Prof. JJ Tabane is in the house… ranting about how nothing is being done to hold politicians accountable. The Burning Platform heats up with talks of the moonshot pact, the electoral act, and the impact of BRICS on our national interest.
31 Aug 58 min

Africa's New World Order

Col. Chris Wyatt is in town for the BRICS Summit and is reflecting on the partnership from a US standpoint. Kanthan Pillay shares thoughts on South Africa's impact on the BRICS building blocks, while Gareth and Phumi chime in on the US debate.
24 Aug 1 hr 01 min

2024 Vision

Gareth Cliff, Phumi Mashigo, and Kanthan Pillay are delighted to host the FF+ for the first time on The Burning Platform. Chief Whip, Dr Corne Mulder, sets the record straight on the FF+’s vision - as both an independent party and coalition partner. We also hear the latest coming out…
17 Aug 58 min

Taxi Strikes and Socialism in SA

Anthea Jeffery has been looking into unemployment, infrastructure, EWC and the mining sector in her latest book, Countdown to Socialism. And Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis updates us on the latest coming out of the taxi strikes.
10 Aug 59 min

Taxi Strike Update

Cape Town mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis gives Gareth Cliff an update on the latest happenings with SANTACO.
10 Aug 18 min

South Africa, land of the free

Bakh’abantu has some bullets in his chamber, having been fired up after the EFF’s 10-year celebration. Ebrahim Harvey - former Cosatu trade unionist, and current political writer, analyst, and commentator - warns us not to rule Malema out just yet, after an impressive decade-long run in the South African political…
3 Aug 54 min

Private Sector vs Govt Failures

The state of mining in South Africa has become questionable after recent discoveries of illegal mining throughout the country. Should this be legalised and taxed, or should SA continue to ban it? Bakh’abantu joins the panel to tackle the SABC, Malema’s EFF’s 10-year anniversary speech, and the ANC.
27 Jul 56 min

Lay of the Land

Mighti Jamie and the EFF’s Ntokozo Hlonyana join this week’s show to discuss the EFF’s 10-year anniversary. What are the party’s plans for the country, should they be successful in the next election? Plus their stance on EWC, nationalization, and more. NB: Unfortunately the internet went down for a few…
20 Jul 58 min

How does SA’s Economy work?

The team delves into the state of literacy in the country, government plots and how to deal with blue light brigades. Phumi and Kanthan get into a heated debate about mining and the economy.
13 Jul 57 min

Education Equality

The Burning Platform kicks off with Phumzile Mgcina, the newly elected Deputy President of the ANC Youth League, telling us about their new leadership and plans for the future. Gareth, Phumi and Kanthan get into the riots in France, as well as education equality.
6 Jul 54 min

Legislation Discrimination

Dumo Denga is today’s featured guest, alongside Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo. Together the team do a deep dive into some current affairs, that include race-based water licensing, a haunting NHI update from Dumo’s perspective, and Gareth’s take on the Deputy President, Paul Mashatile, after receiving an email from someone…
29 Jun 55 min

Zondo at your Fingertips

Paul Holden - an author with over 15 years experience in exposing corruption, with five bestselling books on South African and global politics - joins Phumi and Rams Mabote to talk about his new book, ‘Zondo at your Fingertips’. The team do a deep dive into the current state of…
22 Jun 58 min

The NHI Dilemma

Dr Jonathan Witt joins Gareth Cliff and Kanthan Pillay to discuss the latest bill passed by the ANC government, regarding National Health Insurance (NHI) in South Africa, putting private health and medical aids at risk of collapsing to State level. Councillor Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku from the DA then joins to discuss…
15 Jun 1 hr 03 min

Cutting out the Cancer

Leeto Nthoba updates the team on Witbank's water struggle, triggering a debate on water rights in South Africa, and the need for new voices in the political space. Plus, as we ponder the future of universities, Leeto shares some powerful words: "We are the surgical knives that cut out the…
8 Jun 57 min

Truth and Justice

Justice Malala, founding co-host of The Burning Platform, is visiting South Africa with his new book titled, ‘The Plot to Save South Africa’. Gareth Cliff sits down with him to discuss some history about the Chris Hani era, both before and after his assassination - as well as some of…
1 Jun 1 hr 14 min

Two Households, both alike in Dignity

South African writer and scholar Jonny Steinberg joins the show to talk about his new book on the relationship between Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Gareth, Phumi, and Kanthan comment on Jonny’s findings… and also bring up the latest scandals of the week, including Fikile Mbalula, Julius Malema, and Herman Mashaba.
25 May 55 min

Truth to Power

Phumlani Majozi steps up onto the Burning Platform alongside Gareth Cliff, Phumi Mashigo, and Kanthan Pillay to tackle a number of topics impacting South Africa today. BEE is on the chopping block, along with South Africa's power crisis and the recent Russian arms deal the country has been embroiled in,…
18 May 55 min
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