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The Burning Platform

Various people in the know tell us the truth about what’s going on in South African and global politics.
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Coalition for South Africa with Herman Mashaba

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba is on the Burning Platform today to lay down his manifesto for a “better South Africa” under his party. Things get heated when Kanthan and Phumi question him about coalition politics, and involvement from the DA. And Gareth asks how Herman plans to deal with foreigners…
29 Feb 1 hr 05 min

Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Colleen Makhubele

Executive President of SARA, Colleen Makhubele sits down with Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo ahead of the 2024 National Elections. Colleen addresses her COPE termination, outlines her impact as the Speaker of Johannesburg, and lays down her vision for a better South Africa in SARA’s eyes.
22 Feb 1 hr 02 min

Change Starts Now with Roger Jardine

Roger Jardine joins Gareth Cliff, Phumi Mashigo, and Kanthan Pillay this week. Together they touch on the controversial NHI bill, why the Tintswalos of South Africa should vote, and the importance of youth in elections and politics. Roger lays down some of his manifesto for his party, Change Starts Now.
15 Feb 1 hr 07 min

Reigniting Hope in SA with Neil De Beer

Neil De Beer of the UIM (United Independent Movement) steps in the ring with Gareth and Phumi to have his say about the upcoming elections. We get some inside info from Neil, coming from an intelligence background - as well as being an advisor to President Nelson Mandela. Neil also…
8 Feb 57 min

South Africa through the eyes of Gayton McKenzie

Gayton McKenzie has been making headlines in recent weeks, after taking some border issues and foreign policy into his own hands. He joins Gareth and Phumi to discuss the future of South Africa. They touch on Gayton’s ideologies of what South Africa could be if managed correctly by the right…
1 Feb 55 min

Political Conspiracy Theories

Kanthan Pillay joins Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo this week. Gareth kicks off with a conspiracy theory sent in a from a listener regarding the MK Party and the ANC... but is Phumi buying into it? They dive into American and African politics - specifically, which African Leader was the…
25 Jan 55 min

The Lengthy Ballot Paper, WC Power Bill, Israel vs the World

Kanthan Pillay and Koketso Resane join Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo for a lengthy discussion about some recent events in SA politics. The lengthy ballot paper holding a record amount of parties in South African history, the ANC’s statement regarding the Western Cape, and former Israeli ambassador to South Africa,…
18 Jan 1 hr 17 min

SPECIAL EPISODE: Adv. Mark Oppenheimer on SA’s Genocide Case at the ICJ

Advocate Mark Oppenheimer joins Gareth Cliff to discuss South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice. WARNING: Disturbing content. NOTE: Adv. Mark Oppenheimer incorrectly makes reference to India instead of Pakistan in this interview - apologies for the error.
12 Jan 19 min

Is SA who the ANC thinks we are?

Gareth and Phumi are joined by Roman Cabanac of Morning Shot for the first Burning Platform of 2024. Roman has a very strong set of opinions about South Africa’s leadership, and why it is still the best country to live in. Together the team break down the unprotected borders issue,…
11 Jan 57 min

A Power Shift

Gareth and Phumi are joined by Adil Nchabeleng, an energy expert and former corporate finance buff, to discuss South Africa’s grid woes - as well as the current state of government. Is South Africa a ticking time bomb of an Arab Spring… or will 2024 bring enough change to create…
14 Dec 2023 1 hr 01 min

The Multi-Party Way

Phumlani Majozi joins the show to discuss some of the ideas from his new book. He emphasizes the need to eject the ANC from power in order to restore South Africa, acknowledging the previous leaders of the past. Phumlani also gets into the idea of a multi-party solution, and the…
7 Dec 2023 1 hour

How to Fix South Africa

Kanthan Pillay launches his new book, 'How to Fix South Africa: An Owner's Manual' with a live audience at a special CliffCentral event. Along with Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo, he touches on social grants, taxation, the NHI and more.
30 Nov 2023 1 hr 03 min

Faking Death and Funding Parties

Where do SA political parties get their funding, and how is South Africa’s judicial system suffering with backdated dockets that aren’t being solved? Marecia Damons and Daniel Steyn, both award-winning journalists at GroundUp, have put out a new book breaking down the Thabo Bester story, as they were the first…
23 Nov 2023 56 min

Climbing the Leadership Ladder

Chris Pappas is the Premier candidate on the DA’s list for KZN next year. Doing an already excellent job in the uMngeni local municipality, could premiership soon be a reality for Mr Pappas? Gareth and Phumi do a deep dive with Chris on the current state of government, his vision…
16 Nov 2023 52 min

Rise Up Mzansi

Solly Moeng is frustrated with the state of South African politics and is calling on all citizens to take control. Phumi notices a lack of will to win in the elections, and Gareth fires back with some ideas for corrupt politicians.
16 Nov 2023 58 min

The Propaganda War

Eliav Belotsercovsky - the Israeli Ambassador of South Africa - joins the team to discuss the current situation in Israel, the ignorance of South African media, as well as the dispute of the international communications with South Africa in future.
9 Nov 2023 39 min

Organisational Threats in SA

Jasmine Opperman is qualified as a risk analyst and has major experience in South African and international intelligence. She discusses the larger picture of possible threats in Southern Africa, before getting into the Israel-Hamas conflict.
9 Nov 2023 21 min

Public Service and Government Reform

Ivor Chipkin is the Co-Founder and Director of the New South Institute. He joins Gareth and Phumi this week to discuss the Public Service Amendment Bill, government reform, questioning politicians and more.
2 Nov 2023 1 hr 04 min

Voting Atrocity

Leeto Nthoba breaks down mining unions and the current ‘hostage situation’ at the GoldOne mine. Bakh’abantu plays devil’s advocate about business and the economy, while Phumi asks what political parties have to do to the bring the youth to the ballot boxes.
26 Oct 2023 56 min

The Israel-Hamas Conflict

Bafana Modise and Kanthan Pillay join the panel and conversation gets heated after Kanthan has some strong opinions on the conflict from both sides. Bafana emphasises the argument government makes about supporting an anti-apartheid state, and Phumi believes the ANC is using this conflict as a distraction.
19 Oct 2023 1 hr 08 min
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