Mid-Morning Empowerment

Your mid-morning brunch time show offers an in-depth study of the core
fundamental beliefs of the SDA church, empowering devotions, deconstructing
of some thought-provoking - and sometimes confusing - texts, live music
requests, as well as a parenting feature covering all to do with raising a godly
child. Presented by Zanele Zama, Mid-Morning Empowerment is sure to keep
you company during your mid-morning.
Weekly English South Africa Christianity · Kids & Family
220 Episodes
1 – 20

Daily Focus | Secular View on Godliness

This discussion explores the intersection of morality, godliness, and spirituality from both secular and non-religious perspectives, acknowledging the diversity of human experiences and beliefs.
29 Nov 22 min

Daily Focus | Virtue and Christian Social Ethics

In Christianity, virtues such as justice, mercy, and compassion play a central role in shaping responses to social issues. Today, we explore how virtues influence Christian responses to social issues.
21 Nov 22 min

Problematic Beliefs | A Legalistic Faith

The concern about perceived legalism within certain Adventist practices reflects a criticism that has been raised countless times over. Is that criticism true?
21 Nov 23 min

Mid-Morning Chat

Spending is a typical daily occurrence for us today. The difference between our spending and people living one hundred or more years ago is that not all our spending is necessary for our survival. Modern inventions and industry have made it possible for us to get what we need quickly…
19 Nov 27 min
1 – 20