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Daily focus | Curses: The Curse of a Parent

Honoring our parents means more than merely giving them obedience and respect. It also means loving them freely because we want to. If we truly honor our parents, we want to obey their righteous requests. We heed their righteous counsel and advice. The Bible in Exodus and Ephesians and across…
8 Jun 20 min

Who Am I | The Lecturer

Today, we are exploring the Education space. Ignatius Ncube is a Lecturer based in Zambia at the Rusangu University. Again, by general definition, lecturers teach and carry out research in universities and higher education establishments. They teach academic and vocational subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level to students over the…
8 Jun 18 min

Daily focus| Curses: The Power of a Curse

Yesterday, we explored what curses are and when they first made an appearance. Today, we talk the power of curses. Curses can affect people so easily in negative ways because we have deep seated wounds and bruises from our human nature as fallen beings. We hear a curse, and it…
6 Jun 15 min

Health Talk | Dealing with Fat

Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Adults who sit less and do any amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity gain some health benefits. With Itu Baboye.
6 Jun 19 min

Christianity 101 | SDAMAPS Advent: Advent Defined

This week we are on A of the SDAMAPS Series and joining us for the first day is Pastor Momba who will help us define this next pillar. According to the Oxford Dictionary, advent means the arrival of a notable person or a thing. To add to that, Britannica says…
5 Jun 13 min

Daily focus | Curses: The First Curse

By general definition, a curse (also called an imprecation, malediction, execration, malison, anathema, or commination) is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to one or more persons, a place, or an object. This week, we are talking all things curses down to…
5 Jun 19 min

Who Am I | The IT Specialist

Joining us today is Mwai Kumpumula, an IT Analyst based in Malawi who will be sharing the world of IT. By general definition, an IT analyst manages a company's IT systems, keeping them updated, troubleshooting, and using best practices to ensure the highest level of network security.
5 Jun 16 min

Moneywise - Getting Debt Free (with Tsungai Masendeke)

Tsungai Masendeke is a certified financial planner and wealth coach by profession, and she is a financial literacy and inclusion advocate and founder of Moms and Money. Catch the conversation she has with Dereck Viriri on the Glorious Morning on how to get debt free. The finance export asserts that…
29 May 21 min

Health Talk: Hyperemesis Gravidarum (with Linda Elizabeth Mkhwanazi)

Dereck Viriri talks to Linda Mkhwanazi on Glorious Morning as she spreads awareness on the the extremely rare, yet highly dangerous Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Although it affects about 2% of pregnant women worldwide, she addresses how it's possible that this number might be larger since misdiagnoses, especially in Africa, are a…
29 May 25 min

Pastor's Profile - Pr. Comfort Anopa Mugwendere

Pr Mugwendere tells us his eventful journey from pursuing sound engineering, finding the Sabbath, attending Zunde, receiving the call to ministry, trying to run away but God still finding him. God takes him through studies and all this is evident in his stories to where he is now.
29 May 45 min

Pastor's Profile - Pr. Mazuba

Pr Mazuba shares the story of his life and how he was called back, by God Himself, to the faith from a wayward life, and how he tried running away from the call to ministry, but God was not having it.
29 May 35 min

Pastor's Profile - Pr. Billy Mukombo

Featured today on the Pastor's Profile during the Glorious Morning breakfast show with Dereck Viriri is Pastor Billy H. Mukombo. Listen in as he tells his journey preparing to go into motor mechanics, but God with that gospel call, told him He wants him to service men's hearts. He attests…
29 May 33 min

Kgothatso Phokontsi on vegan cooking

It's so much easier to move from meat eating to a vegetarian diet, but becoming completely vegan needs a bit more work. In this conversation Kgothatso gives a guide to our food experiences and getting on with a healthier plant-based alternative.
13 Apr 30 min

Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Pastor Michael Maforo goes back in time and completely breaks down the year Jesus was born, when His earthly ministry started, and how His identification at His baptism ties to what He is currently doing in heaven. Listen to this podcast and solve the mathematical equation of Daniel 8:14 to…
27 Mar 48 min

Living with Down Syndrom in South Africa

Thenjiwe Ndebele was born in 1989 in South Africa. Although found to have Down Syndrome, she has managed to surpass all odds to be an independent and confident young black woman. Guest: Sizakele and Thenjiwe Ndebele (Down Syndrome SA)
27 Mar 23 min
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