David Smith wrote into Christmas Wish about an exceptional young woman, Unathi Tong. Unathi is the daughter of Freda who worked for David for many years before he and his family emigrated, and since he left she has been looking for employment. Freda worked for them for over 12 years and was always on time, did a great job, and David did what he could to help where he could.
Freda is struggling to pay for the educational and living costs for herself and Unathi who has just finished Grade 9. They live in an informal settlement behind Princess Crossing Shopping Centre. Unathi is a top student at Princess High School (verified by Hot Cares) and in Mr Smith’s words “continues to shoot the lights out” as well as taking time to help other students.
On a recent business trip back to South Africa, Mr Smith reached out to Freda to see if she could assist him for a day or two’s temp work. When she came around, she had a letter for me from Unathi – asking him to please assist her in buying a blazer which they couldn’t afford and she really wanted to be able to wear it with her scrolls and be proud of her excellent achievements. Mr Smith bought the blazer and started a fundraising initiative for her education and part of this was sending in the attached Christmas Wish for Unathi.
The Silverstar team have committed to sponsor Unathi’s education for three years (Grade 10, 11 and 12) and to make sure that she is able to reach her academic potential and so much more. So, we will be contributing to 3 years of : School fees, School uniforms, Textbooks, Stationery, School outings, as well as R750 in groceries for the next 6 months for her and her mom.
In addition, they work with young learners in high school on their career development and would like to also offer this to Unathi. It is programme that includes doing online assessments (aptitudes) to determine and guide career choices, what subjects are needed, where to study, participation in online tertiary application workshops