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France hosts an international conference on Sudan. Will it make a difference?

France is hosting an international conference on Sudan, one year after war broke out. It says, it's seeking much needed aid and attention. Observers say the Sudan crisis has been pushed out of the global conversation due to other ongoing conflicts. Will the conference make a difference? Why has Mali…
15 Apr 10AM 34 min

How are the Chibok girls coping 10 years on?

How the Chibok girls are getting on with their lives ten years on from when they were kidnappedConcern over cyber-crime in Zambia following the busting of a syndicate scamming innocent peopleAnd why African men are twice as likely to get prostate cancer than white men.
12 Apr 10AM 28 min

Jacob Zuma to run in South Africa’s general election

South Africa's electoral commission (IEC) has published final candidate lists for general elections. Former president Jacob Zuma is free to contest in May's poll. Should the governing ANC be worried?We learn about the illicit organ trade in Western Kenya, with some young people selling their kidneys.And why Ivory Coast has announced…
11 Apr 10AM 29 min

The war crimes allegedly committed in Sudan

Warring parties in Sudan accused of killing civilians both deliberately and indiscriminatelyCalls for Tanzanian troops to be withdrawn from the Democratic Republic of Congo after three Tanzanian soldiers were killed thereAnd what Eid Al Fitr celebrations hold for Afro-Palestinians in the Middle East?
10 Apr 9AM 26 min

Sierra Leone facing a youth drug crisis

Sierra Leone faces a rampant drugs abuse crisis which President Bio describes as an existential threat to the countrySomalia and Turkey sign an agreement to collaborate on oil and gas explorationAnd we look at how a shortage of condoms is impacting HIV and AIDS cases in South Africa
8 Apr 10AM 31 min

Sierra Leone facing a youth drug crisis

Sierra Leone faces a rampant drugs abuse crisis which President Bio describes as an existential threat to the countrySomalia and Turkey sign an agreement to collaborate on oil and gas explorationAnd we look at how a shortage of condoms is impacting HIV and AIDS cases in South Africa
8 Apr 10AM 31 min

Is Ghana allowing child marriages?

An underage girl has been placed under police protection in Ghana after it emerged she had been married to a 63-year-old traditional high priest. There was public outrage after footage of the customary wedding went viral. The office of the priest defended the marriage, saying it was only ceremonial. What's…
5 Apr 11AM 39 min

Gabon: A national dialoge to 'help heal wounds'

Gabon has opened up, what it calls, an inclusive national dialogue. Catholic Archbishop Jean-Patrick Iba-Ban who is leading the initiatve, said it should heal the wounds inflicted on the people of Gabon by former leaders who were more interested in power than the people they were called upon to lead…
4 Apr 9AM 33 min

How South Africa is stepping up efforts to curb illegal crossings

South Africa opens a new border authority to curb illegal crossings from neighbouring countries. We hear from the BBC team that visited a town on the border with Zimbabwe. Ghana's new health minister has published a new book on the lessons learnt from the Covid pandemic in his country, and…
3 Apr 10AM 29 min

Why are changes to Somalia's constitution causing concern?

Somalia's parliament has approved several constitutional changes which the government says are necessary to establish a stable political system. So what are the changes and why is it causing concern? Also why was Stanis Bujakera, a well known journalist in the Democratic Republic of Congo detained? And what's it like…
2 Apr 9AM 34 min

Why has Togo changed its constitution?

Togo's parliament has voted for a new constitution which resulted in people taking to the streets in protest. The changes mean, parliament now has the power to elect the President for a single six-year term. It all sounds good in theory, so why are critics concerned? Also why do the…
29 Mar 9AM 34 min

The Gambia: Personal testimonies on female genital mutilation

Gambia's parliament is considering a bill, to reverse a ban on Female Genital Mutilation. If passed, Gambia will be the first country in the world to do this. Some Gambians say the ban violates their rights to practice their culture, others disagree. We'll hear from two women who share different…
28 Mar 10AM 33 min

What's the issue between Binance and the Nigerian government?

Cryptocurrency platorms are very popular in Nigeria, so why have Nigerian authoraties clamped down on cryptocurrency firms? And what's going on between the firm Binance and the Nigerian government? Also Mauritians once enjoyed a healthy economy but the Mauritian rupee has taken a hit. Why is that and what's been…
27 Mar 10AM 31 min

Senegal's next President: Bassirou Diomaye Faye

Senegal has a new president-elect, 44 year old Bassirou Diomaye Faye. He is currently Africa's youngest democratically elected leader. Who is he and what are his plans for Senegal?Paying a ransom in Nigeria is illegal but out of sheer desperation, many family members still give money to hostage takers. A…
26 Mar 10AM 35 min

Why has Uganda's President promoted his son to head the military?

Uganda's President 79 year old Yoweri Museveni, has promoted his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to head the military. His promotion comes amid a major cabinet reshuffle in which five ministers were sacked. Mr Museveni has denied speculation that he is grooming him as his successor. What do Ugandans make of…
25 Mar 9AM 33 min

Women in Sudan: Targets of ongoing sexual violence

Women have become constant targets of sexual violence in Sudan's conflict between the country's military and their former allies, a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces. We'll hear testimonies from young women and get reaction. Also, why is Ethiopia running out of medicines and what's been the impact? And…
21 Mar 8AM 36 min

Senegal: President Macky Sall refuses to apologise

Outgoing president Macky Sall has refused to apologise for the political uncertainty he created when he tried to delay the country's presidential elections. In this special edition on Senegal, we ask if the Senegalese still trust their president? Do they believe in his credibility as leader? Also, ahead of the…
20 Mar 10AM 28 min

Kidnapped in Nigeria: A personal testimony

Yet another kidnapping in Nigeria's Kaduna State, where gunmen abducted around 100 people including women and children, that's according to local authorities. We hear a very brave and harrowing interview from a young woman who was taken by Boko Haram back in 2013, but had a lucky escape. Also Niger's…
19 Mar 10AM 32 min
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