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Donald Trump picks Ohio Senator JD Vance as his running mate

Donald Trump is in Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention, two days after he survived an assassination attempt. We hear from our correspondent on the ground in Milwaukee and from Donald Trump's former chief of staff Also on the programme: Counting is under way in Rwanda's presidential and parliamentary elections.;…
15 Jul 4PM 49 min

Calls for unity ahead of Republican convention

Two days after surviving an assassination attempt, Donald Trump is in Milwaukee, joining thousands of supporters and political heavyweights at the start of the Republican National Convention. The four day event will culminate with his acceptance speech as the Republican candidate to contest November’s presidential election. Mr Trump has signalled…
15 Jul 9AM 49 min

Donald Trump calls on Americans to 'stand united' after assassination attempt

Former US President Donald Trump survived an assassination attempt after being shot at a Republican rally in Pennsylvania. We get political reactions from congressmen from both the Republican and Democratic party and speak to the New York Times photographer who captured the image of a bullet streaking past Mr Trump…
14 Jul 4PM 48 min

Donald Trump narrowly survives an assassination attempt

A bullet hit his ear while he was speaking at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. President Biden has urged everyone to condemn the attack.We will hear from eye witnesses to the attack and we'll examine the security failures which led to it. And we'll also be asking what effect this…
14 Jul 8AM 48 min

Israeli strike kills dozens in designated humanitarian area

An Israeli strike has killed dozens in al-Mawasi, a designated humanitarian area in Gaza, where large numbers of displaced Palestinians have been sheltering in tents. The Israeli Defence Force said the strike's objective were two top Hamas leaders. We hear from UNRWA about the scenes at Nasser hospital, which is…
13 Jul 4PM 47 min

Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills many

Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry says at least 71 people have been killed in an Israeli airstrike near the southern city of Khan Younis. Israeli defence sources are reported to have described the incident as a "very significant" strike with reports a senior Hamas commander, Mohammed Deif, was the target.Also in…
13 Jul 8AM 48 min

Who could take President Biden's place?

Nearly twenty US Congressional Democrats have publicly urged President Joe Biden to step down from the presidential race, amid concerns that his faculties are declining with age. He has vowed to stay on despite making several blunders. Could Vice-President Kamala Harris replace Mr Biden as candidate if he steps down?Also…
12 Jul 4PM 48 min

Joe Biden vows to stay on as US presidential candidate

Joe Biden has promised to stay on as Democratic presidential candidate despite making several faux pas at the recent NATO summit, including introducing President Zelensky as Putin. Also on the programme: the president of Colombia has called on the UN to make cocaine legal. He believes it will help bring…
12 Jul 9AM 48 min

Nato vows 'irreversible path' to Ukraine membership

Nato members have pledged their support for an "irreversible path" to future membership for Ukraine, as well as more aid. In response, former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev said he hoped this would end "either with the disappearance of Ukraine, or NATO -- or better still, both”. A US State Department…
11 Jul 4PM 50 min

China rejects Nato's claim that it is enabling Russia's Ukraine war

China has fiercely rejected accusations from Nato - whose leaders are meeting in Washington - that it's helping maintain Russia's war in Ukraine. The military alliance said Beijing had become Russia's "decisive enabler", with its "large-scale support for Russia’s defence industrial base". Beijing urged nations to reflect on the "root…
11 Jul 9AM 50 min

Israeli army warns Gaza City residents to flee

Israeli leaflets dropped across Gaza City warn inhabitants to leave in advance of a new round of urban combat. An estimated quarter-of-a-million people are still living there. We hear from Israeli spokesman David Mencer and Sam Rose from UNWRA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. Also in the…
10 Jul 5PM 50 min

The mother whose son survived Ukraine hospital attack

NATO leaders gather in Washington DC, with the defence of Ukraine top of their agenda. We hear from a mother whose 12-year-old son survived Russia's missile attack on Kyiv's children's hospital on Monday. Also in the programme: a Democratic congressman defends the beleaguered US president; and the 16-year-old footballing sensation…
10 Jul 9AM 50 min

Should Ukraine join NATO?

As NATO leaders meet, in Washington, for the organisation's seventy-fifth anniversary summit, war rages on in Europe. Should Ukraine be allowed to join the club - to protect it from Vladimir Putin? We speak to a former Deputy Secretary General of NATO about the likelihood of Ukraine joining the alliance…
9 Jul 4PM 50 min

NATO leaders meet in DC, discuss Russia's aggression

NATO leaders meet in Washington, with Russia's attack on Kyiv's children's hospital expected to be on the agenda. Plus, what would a second Trump presidency mean for the alliance?Also in the programme: we hear from Congressman Adam Smith, the latest Democrat to say Joe Biden should stand down as the…
9 Jul 9AM 50 min