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Gaza: do air-drops work?

The US military has carried out its first air-drop of food aid into Gaza amid an intense humanitarian crisis in the territory after months of Israeli military operations against Hamas. But how effective are they?Also in the programme: apparent intercepts of German military officers discussing the potential supply to Ukraine…
2 Mar 4PM 51 min

Elections take place across Iran

But for Iranians the question isn’t who to vote for, but whether to turn up.Also on the programme: In spite of a heavy police presence, thousands pay their respects as the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is laid to rest in Moscow. And will a Palestinian pop singer take Iceland…
1 Mar 4PM 52 min

Funeral of Alexei Navalny takes place in Moscow

Thousands of his supporters lined the streets of the Russian capital for his funeral service and burial. We hear from a mourner.Also on the programme: we get rare access to Iran, where parliamentary elections are taking place. And with a new species discovered off the British coastline, we hear about…
1 Mar 10AM 53 min

Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza while collecting aid

Dozens of Palestinians were killed while trying to get food from an aid convoy in northern Gaza in the early hours of Thursday morning. The US has said it is urgently seeking information on the incident. We speak to IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner. Also in the programme: footballer…
29 Feb 4PM 48 min

Putin says Western rhetoric risks nuclear conflict

President Putin uses his annual state of the nation address to claim Russia is winning in Ukraine, but says Western talk of putting boots on the ground risks nuclear conflict and 'the destruction of civilisation'. Also in the programme: the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says more than 100 people…
29 Feb 10AM 52 min

How will Alexei Navalny’s funeral be held?

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Alexei Navalny, addressed the European Parliament after the death of her husband and announced his funeral will take place in Moscow on Friday. We speak to a long-time friend and associate of Navalny about how hard it’s been to arrange the funeral. Also in the…
28 Feb 4PM 52 min

Navalny widow: Don’t be boring in how you help Russian opposition

With Navalny’s funeral due to take place this week his widow Yulia says the West should take a more innovative approach in helping the Russian opposition. Also in the programme, 15% of the Democratic votes in Michigan’s presidential primaries were marked “uncommitted”; and last year’s asylum applications rose to the…
28 Feb 10AM 48 min

How close is a ceasefire in Gaza?

US President Joe Biden has indicated that a ceasefire deal in Gaza could be within reach, however his comments have been met with scepticism in Israel and from Hamas. We assess the chances that a deal could be reached.Also, four months into the war in Gaza, civilians are living with…
27 Feb 5PM 50 min

Israel Gaza: Biden hopes for a ceasefire by next week

US President Joe Biden has said Israel has agreed in principle not to launch military action in the Gaza Strip during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, as negotiations for a temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel continue. Speaking on US television, Mr Biden said a pause in fighting could…
27 Feb 10AM 53 min

Rafah: Where will Palestinians go?

The Israeli government says the military has presented the country's war cabinet with a plan for the evacuation of Palestinian civilians from combat zones in Gaza. With 1.4 million people crammed into the southern city of Rafah, where will they go? We speak to a member of the Israeli Prime…
26 Feb 10AM 50 min

Ukraine says tens of thousands have died in war

President Zelensky says 31,000 troops and tens of thousands of civilians have been killed since Russia invaded. His defence minister, Rustem Umerov, added that the slow delivery of arms and ammunition was causing a loss of life and land. We hear from Brazil after tens of thousands of supporters of…
25 Feb 5PM 49 min

Haley vows to stay in race after South Carolina defeat

Nikki Haley, freshly defeated by Donald Trump in the South Carolina Republican primary, says she’ll fight on regardless. With his fourth consecutive primary victory, Mr Trump sounded confident of securing the Republican nomination.Also in the programme: The food crisis in Gaza - we speak to the UN's coordinator for Palestine;…
25 Feb 9AM 52 min