Kindness to Self

Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Buschell talk about being kinder to ourselves in this episode. Self-Talk is the conversations that we have with ourselves. They become the basis of our thoughts. The more we have these thoughts the more we believe them as TRUE. These thoughts are very powerful, because they become the way that we feel and then the way we act in different situations. From early on in our lives, we start having these conversations. However, it’s important to learn (from as young as possible) that many of these conversations and thoughts are NOT true. We have the power to confront and change these thoughts. This is a very powerful way of setting ourselves free from the negative feelings and behaviors in our lives. We do this through a process of - Catch, Confront, Change.
Catch negative thoughts about yourself. Confront them by asking – are you true and useful? And then where appropriate, change them for something more accurate and useful. At first, you might miss the thoughts before they have already become a hard feeling. When you have the hard feeling, start by asking yourself – what thought might have caused this unhappy feeling. Then confront that thought. Affirmations are a great way of gently correcting and realigning the conversations and thoughts we are having. Take control of your thoughts and feelings, by periodically dropping in kind and affirming thoughts about yourself.
Affirmation: I am enough. I am a deserving recipient of love and kindness in the world.