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Forget everything you’ve been taught about pitching your business — you’re doing it wrong.
To achieve success as an entrepreneur in business, you need to be able to pitch your business to clients and investors. Without a polished pitch, you’re wasting time and potentially risk losing future funding.
Over the next 52 weeks, join Allon Raiz in his new bite-sized podcast series as he walks you through preparing the perfect pitch.

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Always bring a backup copy of your presentation

You only have one chance to get this pitch right. Anything can go wrong on Pitch Day – faulty equipment, a corrupted presentation, a dead clicker battery, etc and then your chance vanishes; you blew it. A great entrepreneur always has a plan B and, just in case, a plan C. Listen to episode 18 of The Successful Pitch to find out if your backup plans are up to scratch.
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Always check the equipment

Technical gremlins have an uncanny way of sneaking into presentations uninvited. Faulty or glitchy equipment is frustrating for you and your audience. Join Allon for episode 17 of The Successful Pitch for a few tidbits of advice to mitigate potential technical problems.
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Learn to use a clicker

Using your keyboard to click to the next slide is distracting for both you and your audience. Walking across the room to do this breaks your pitch rhythm. You lose your audience and it gives you an air of being unprepared and unprofessional. Join Allon for episode 16 of The Successful Pitch where he explains why learning how to use a clicker in your presentation is a game changer.

Never read your slides

If an investor simply wanted you to read a slide deck, they wouldn’t need you to be in the room. The point of a pitch presentation is to give you an opportunity to talk about your business naturally and in your own voice. Join Allon Raiz for episode 15 of his Raizor’s Edge podcast series, The Successful Pitch to understand more about what it communicates to your audience when you read your slides verbatim.

8 to 15 slides in your pitch

What do you do if an investor invites you to pitch but doesn’t provide a templatised slide deck? First off, don’t overdo it with the slides, information overload is a big mistake. Join Allon Raiz for episode 14 of The Successful Pitch where he talks about why it’s important to cull the information you provide in a pitch.

Dress appropriately for your audience

Dress counts. What you decide to wear to a pitch tells your investor how capable you are of reading the company culture and, by extension, the market. But the “what-to-wear” decision can be fraught with emotion and nuance. How do you dress to show your potential investor respect but also reflect your personality? In episode 13, Allon shares a general rule of thumb. Listen now.

Keep your models simple

The more complicated your business model, the more vulnerable you are to risk. Investors prefer simple models because the risk decreases with less working parts to the model. Listen to Allon Raiz in episode 12 of The Successful Pitch where he breaks this down with an excellent example.

Percentage of market share

Investors need to understand how much of the addressable market your business could potentially win but this number needs to be presented realistically. Taking into consideration that competitors will respond as soon as you enter the market, what is the best way to present your business’s market potential to an investor? Find out more in episode 11 of The Successful Pitch.

Pitch language

Maybe. I think so. Probably. Using these words in your pitch indicates doubt in yourself, your abilities and your business. Uncertain words immediately raise red flags in an investor’s mind. Conversely, overconfidence will set off the same flags. So how do you find a balance that will ensure investor buy-in? Join Allon Raiz for episode ten of his The Successful Pitch podcast series where he talks about crafting the perfect pitch vocabulary.

Research the ideal investor

It is important to understand that a spray-and-pray approach to finding an investor does not work. It’s important to create a profile of what you are looking for in an investor and what you want from them before putting yourself out there. Join Allon in episode nine of The Successful Pitch to find out how to research and choose the ideal investor for your business.

Operations knowledge is crucial

No matter what business you’re in, a potential investor will want to know how you make money. Can you explain this process in detail from start to finish? Do you understand where you could push to make money and where you might be losing money? In episode eight, Allon explains why your answer to this question could make or break your pitch.

Low margins equal low investor appetite

Investors are more likely to invest into a business with high margins. Why? Because higher margins provide a buffer for the mistakes a startup is bound to make. A business with low margins poses a higher risk because new businesses can’t always offset low margins with higher volumes. In this scenario, how do you mitigate your risk and entice your investor? Allon Raiz explains how in episode seven of his podcast series, The Successful Pitch.

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