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Shaun is a “triple c” kinda guy – cool, calm, and collected!

#TheAllStarSundayChillout will keep you up-to-date with all the local and international celebrity news.

Issues affecting the LGBTIQA+ community, Shaun will ensure that they are always given a spotlight and heard on all fronts. Queer babies, this show is for you!

Sundays have never sounded sooooo gooood...
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Paxton on #YourBeatOnDemand

We go behind the music with Paxton, Idols SA Season 13 Winner. Sit back, relax and enjoy as she unpacks some of the stories behind some of her songs.
5 Mar 6 min

Mark Pilgrim Tribute

Shaun pays tribute to TV & radio giant, Mark Pilgrim. Rest in Peace, Mark. You have run your race and you will be sorely missed.
5 Mar 1 min

On the Couch with Valerie Omari

She is a talented Singer/Songwriter known for her R&B and hip-hop-influenced sound. Born in DRC and now lives in the USA. She is also a commercial model and athlete. She was selected to represent South Africa in Florida at the International Arts Talent Show in 2015, which led to a…
19 Feb 11 min

Alicia Keys on #YourBeatOnDemand

Alicia (Mkhize) Keys is the artist focus this week in #YourBeatOnDemand. Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful musical experience.
19 Feb 7 min

AKA Tribute Mix by DJ Nix

DJ Nix brings us a HOT mix to honour the SupaMega, AKA. Rest in Peace, Bhova. The Megacy Mourns You! -- Follow DJ Nix on IG: @djnixsa
12 Feb 21 min

Whitney Houston on #YourBeatOnDemand

Saturday, 11 February 2023, marked 11 years since 'The Voice' (Whitney Houston) passed on. Shaun celebrated her life and legacy through music in #YourBeatOnDemand.
12 Feb 6 min

On the Couch with Mila Smith

Mila's made quite an impression in the music industry from the tender age of 14 when she was part of a band called Skyscrapers and her recent singles 'Liars and Fakes' & 'Reassemble Myself', both charted on local radio pop charts garnered media attention locally and in the USA. She…
5 Feb 14 min

Craig Lucas on #YourBeatOnDemand

Going behind the music in #YourBeatOnDemand with one of Shaun's favourite musicians and The Voice SA Season 2 winner, Craig Lucas. Click play to find out how some of his biggest radio hits such as 'Anti-Sociable', 'Hearts Exposed' and 'Better' came to be. Enjoy!
22 Jan 9 min

Rudi Simon on #YourBeatOnDemand

This week on The All-Star Sunday Chillout's #YourBeatOnDemand, we're chilling out with South African-born London-based producer and artist, Rudi Simon. We go behind the music with some of his popular radio hits such as 'Encore' & 'Forgive Yourself.
11 Dec 2022 4 min

#AppreciationSunday (OneRepublic)

In #AppreciationSunday this week, Shaun recently attended the OneRepublic concert at the SunBet Arena and he brings you his entire experience.
4 Dec 2022 3 min

Apple Gule on #YourBeatOnDemand

Born “Aphelele Gule” all the way in the Kingdom of Eswatini 🇸🇿 – Apple Gule is undoubtedly one of SA’s most recognisable vocalists. He has worked with some of the country’s most prolific producers and artists including Crazy White Boy, Da Capo and Black Coffee to name a few. He…
13 Nov 2022 6 min

Feathers 14 Pink Carpet Moments

Shaun attended an event marked as one of the biggest in the queer social calendar, the Feather Awards hosted by the Thami Dish Foundation. The award ceremony took place at The Market Theatre in Newtown and the who’s who of Jo’burg stepped out to paint the city pink. The Feather…
13 Nov 2022 11 min

Bongani Drama Interview on #TheAllStarSundayChillout

Shaun has a sit down on The All-Star Sunday Chillout couch with the latest addition to the Star 919 weekend line-up, Bongani Drama. Catch 'The Dramatic Avenue' with Bongani Drama every Saturday from 2 pm.
6 Nov 2022 15 min

Holly Rey on #YourBeatOnDemand

This week on #TheAllStarSundayChillout's #YourBeatOnDemand, we're chilling out with SAMA-winning and multi-platinum-selling singer & songwriter, Holly Rey! 🎉 Born and raised in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, her musical career began at the age of 14, signing her first publishing deal with Sony and as they say, the rest is history. 🙌🏾 We…
6 Nov 2022 5 min

#AppreciationSunday (Mam' Connie Chiume)

This week in #AppreciationSunday, Shaun appreciates Mam' Connie Chiume who is flying the SA flag high in the US by being part of the Black Panther movie franchise.
30 Oct 2022 1 min