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Regenesys Business School & eBundu Lodge

We had a chat with a lucky student that got themselves a bursary... We had a chat with Fezile Penelope Shiba from Lungisani Secondary School in Game (Chochocho)…
27 Jun 2022 3 min

Discovery Health Medical Scheme

We had a chat with Chief Commercial Officer at Discovery Health about the Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS). A first-of-its-kind, regional medical aid option called KeyCare Start Regional, which embraces a shift towards affordable healthcare, featuring access to cutting-edge healthcare technologies and partnerships.
21 Jun 2022 11 min

SASCO stance Stellenbosch incident

We had a chat to Vezinhlanhla Simelane Dep. Secretary General of SASCO. Talking to us about the victim of Stellenbosch University urine incident lays criminal charges and where they stand in the stand as a student organisation... A Must hear…
18 May 2022 9 min

Stellenbosch University work had to Change...

Dr Kelebogile Makhetha (PhD) is the Senior Director of the Division for Student Affairs at Stellenbosch University. She let us in on the work that is being done by the university to change the formally Afrikaans University to a all inclusive University. Here is her chat with us…
18 May 2022 9 min


We tell a father that his son is in jail for being in the possession and needs 10k for bail. The father is so touch he had to let his wife hear it for herself. He did't enjoy us pranking him at all…
15 Mar 2022 2 min


We prank at actor named Suspect telling him we looking for a chicken to be in our play. We made him tell us that he got pranked, not realising that he is getting pranked... A must hear…
14 Mar 2022 3 min


We make a call to a beautiful lady telling to leave her man for "Matsane". It didn't end well.
10 Mar 2022 2 min


We prank Anerah Yasole on a very expensive hobby he left in "Matsane's" car. This is a hobby that cost 4k and he had only worn once. Matsane tells him he had burn a hold in it... His reaction to these news is priceless. Hear it out…
9 Mar 2022 2 min


I call this man that is in hospital with a broken leg, telling him that we know he broke his leg beating someone up and that we looking for him at the police station. His caught completely off guard by this…
7 Mar 2022 2 min


We pranked a security guard about a Laptop someone had left at the security's office. Telling them that it's lost and that the police has been called... You can smell the fear in his voice.
17 Feb 2022 2 min


I tell a guy that works with Aluminum in the city of Mbombela that a garage he installed fell on my car. This is something he knows nothing about... Take a listen…
16 Feb 2022 3 min


Lethukuthula is a young man who comes from Sakhile located in Standerton. Lehlogonolo on the other hand comes from a town called Dwarsloop in Bushbuckridge. Both in Mpumalanga yet 400km apart. We met in College during the year 2013. She was doing her 131 year and he was doing his…
28 Oct 2021 28 min


My Name is Sandile Duncan Nyathi Aged 31 my partner is Nothando Precious Mkhonza we met 21 University Of Technology(Nelspruit) and fell in love. I was doing tourism management and later she got pregnant with our son so I had to save every cent for and look from working. I…
27 Oct 2021 26 min


I would love to have a wedding at eBundu Lodge. I did a small lobola Ceremony at the end of 2019. It would be amazing to seal our love with a beautiful wedding at eBundu Lodge with friends, family and lived ones. My name is Tshepo Lediga, my beautiful Fiance's…
26 Oct 2021 11 min

SPAR’s Masterchef Aluminium Cookware Comptition

Thurday's finalist Nathi aka Mafutso mkhovu from eChochocho He could WIN the whole range of SPAR’s Masterchef Aluminium Cookware valued at over R9,000 – compliments of RISE fm and SPAR Lowveld. Friday we pick our last finalist, before picking final winner.
10 Jun 2021 1 min

SPAR’s Masterchef Aluminium Cookware Competition

Wednesday’s finalist Jacob Soko from eCarolina He could WIN the whole range of SPAR’s Masterchef Aluminium Cookware valued at over R9,000 – compliments of RISE fm and SPAR Lowveld. Friday we will pick the last finalist before picking the FINAL winner.
9 Jun 2021 1 min
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