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With so much happening each weekday morning with Darren, Keri & Sky, you'd be forgiven for missing parts of the action! Here are the best bits from Darren Maule, Keri Miller and Sky Tshabalala.

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All the red flags you try so hard to ignore...

This morning the team jumped on a trend that was taking place on Twitter the few days.
It had people share the certain red flags or dealbreakers and used the red flag emoji to indicate all of this.
Darren, Keri and Sky each share the very awkward red flags that you might just feel might not be alarming.
Take a listen.

Will the vaccine affect fertility in kids in the later stages of their lives?

Wednesday mornings with Prof Tulio mean that all you COVID-19 related questions are taken care of by the UKZN's top virologist and bioinformatician. In today's session with him he answers the following:

-Is it safe to donate blood after receiving the vaccine, is there a waiting period?
-Most people who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine seem to have trouble obtaining the digital vaccine card. Any advice?
-Kids between the ages of 12 and 17 can now get the jab - Is it as safe for kids as it is for adults?
-Do we have any further information on when the Johnson & Johnson booster vaccine would be available?
-I have had my first vaccination, is the 2nd vaccination a replica of the first one, or is it stronger than the first one?
-When is the best time for a pregnant lady to get the vaccine and is there a preference between Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

The Big Favour helps a school build their infrastructure

Simla Primary School Acting Deputy Principal had been in the school for 34 years and wanted so much for the students to have proper infrastructure when she creates a soup kitchen for the children. The school unfortunately does not have proper infrastructure where children can enjoy food.
Take a listen to what The Big Favour and AKR Concrete contributed to help the school.

Why working from home has been great for companies?

We are slowly going back to a normal society with the COVID-19 case decreasing. This has meant that companies will call their employees back in.
It has been reported by researches that working from home has reaped favourable results for most companies.
But some people just prefer leaving the house for work and separating the two environments.
Take a listen here as they share what the pandemic has mean for work culture
What working environment people prefer?

Parents will receive consent forms for scholars who want to get jabbed - Dr Sandile Tshabalala

We are joined by the KZN Health Department HOD, Dr Sandile Tshabalala who shares with us some information regarding vaccinations done in the province and information regarding COVID-19 in the country. Among the information shared in today's session with he shares about vaccination been made open to high school students.
South Africa has enough COVID-19 vaccines to vaccinate up to half of the country’s 6.5-million children between the ages of 12 and 17 with one dose of Pfizer’s vaccine before they return to school after the December holidays or begin their tertiary education in 2022.
Listen to that and more information in this podcast.

How to know if you and your partner will stay together forever.

On today's Get Fact'd segment, Darren Maule shares there:

Researchers were able to predict whether or not a couple will stay together with extreme accuracy based on one partner’s reaction to things that excited the other. Take a listen for an example.

The the Portsmouth Sinfonia is the “worst orchestra in the world,” consisting of people without musical training or musicians attempting to play an instrument for the first time. Take a listen to their number.

In 1985, in the midst of the cold war, US President Ronald Reagan and USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev made a pact to put both their countries differences aside and have their armies join as one if an alien invasion ever happened.

Everyone on the team wants a name change now. Why?

Waking up to the news of Kanye West changing his name had the team shocked at how short he had made it.
They now also look to changing their name to one syllable each.
Take a listen to what they are changing their names to.

Have you heard about Ariana Grande's botched tattoo?

So this morning, we share some facts that you might enjoy. Especially the final one about Ariana's tattoo.
The worst thing she could have done is get a tattoo in Japan hoping that it would translate similarly in English. There was sadly miscommunication and now she was left with a tattoo that means something totally different.

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