From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes who are making a difference and cutting through red tape... These outstanding stories rarely get the attention they deserve because they're not considered "Breaking News". That's why we're "Not Breaking News".
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The Bully Chain: Season 2 : Episode 28 : "A.I means we need to change tact"

With Artificial Intelligence encroaching into everyday life , social media law experts say we need to change tact when it comes to tackling bullying online. This November , HOT 1027 News is looking at bullying from as many viewpoints as possible and getting expert advice on how best we can…
28 Nov 2 min

Teeing up our golf lingo ahead of the Investec SA Open

We’re keeping the sunblock handy and the playlist fresh ahead of the exciting Investec SA Open - powered by hot 1027. It all tee’s off on Thursday with loads on offer for the whole family. Here at Hot House , we’re also brushing up on our lingo. HOT1027’s Tara Penny…
28 Nov 1 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 25 : "In many cases, you lose your job"

With many South Africans walking a daily minefield at the office, experts are warning that tackling workplace bullying is not a clear-cut process. For the rest of November , we’re looking at bullying in professional settings to try and help our listeners get through difficult situations.. Hot1027’s Tara Penny has…
25 Nov 2 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 23 : "There are long term effects"

Women and men who’ve been bullied in the workplace are being urged to read up on the long-term effects which can follow them into their next job interviews. For the rest of November, HOT1027 News is looking at bullying in the workplace, while reaching out to experts to give us…
23 Nov 1 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 22 : "Don't dismiss the microaggressions"

We’re all being urged to pay attention to microaggressions in the workplace. More importantly. we need to consistently document them. For these last two weeks of November, HOT1027 News is looking at bullying in the workplace, with a view to helping our listeners better navigate the painful and sometimes tricky…
22 Nov 1 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 21 : "I was suicidal"

A South African woman who was bullied at work over two decades ago is warning the abuse can take over all aspects of a person’s life. For the rest of this month, HOT1027 News is examining workplace bullying, to try and shed light on what can be a very lonely…
21 Nov 2 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 20 : "The damage that comes with ghosting"

As we examine bullying this November, we’re also looking at the harmful consequences of "ghosting" and the damaging effects that ostracising someone can have on mental health. Having spent the past 3 weeks looking at childhood bullying , we’re now examining abuse in the workplace, online and in adult social…
20 Nov 2 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 15 : PG doesn't stand for "Parent Gone"

Experts are warning parents are putting far too much emphasis on their children’s rights to privacy – while neglecting their responsibility to protect them from harm. This November, we’re looking at bullying from all possible angles , and roping in the experts to explain the dangers of unsupervised social media…
15 Nov 2 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 14 : "Connect before you correct"

With the focus on bullying this month parents are being urged to role-play with their children to arm them with the language to navigate playground dust-ups. This month we’re roping in teachers, parents, children and experts to cast a floodlight on bullying – while exploring practical advice on how to…
14 Nov 2 min

The Bully Chain : Season 2 : Episode 13 : "Sometimes it's a crime"

Education officials are being warned not to minimise the severity of a crime that takes place on schoolgrounds by labelling it “bullying”. This November, we’re looking at the damage .. caused by bullying and what we can do to minimize harm. To tell the story properly, we also need to…
14 Nov 1 min
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