From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes who are making a difference and cutting through red tape... These outstanding stories rarely get the attention they deserve because they're not considered "Breaking News". That's why we're "Not Breaking News".
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From Edenvale to the Isle of Man TT

Edenvale resident AJ Venter is gearing up to take on this year’s Isle of Mann T.T which is considered one of the most dangerous races in the world. Every May and June, the tiny country between England and Ireland, turns into a motorcycle nirvana as the world's greatest road racers…
26 May 2 min

"Thrive" at the Kingsmead College Book Fair

Using her own struggles with weight management, South African author Nicci Robertson is trying to guide girls and women in particular away from the dangerous culture of deprivation that’s so pervasive in our country. Her book “Thrive” is packed with healthy recipes that break the conventional diet rules and its…
26 May 2 min

"Dance Me to the End of Love" at the Lyric Theatre

Organisers of a one of a kind rock 'n roll variety show are doing their final soundchecks before the 20-piece symphony orchestra gets on stage tomorrow night. The production called “Dance me to the end of love” will ignite the Lyric theatre at Gold Reef City for a “one night…
25 May 2 min

Mpumi's adventures at the Kingsmead College Book Fair

Using child friendly spaces in Johannesburg as the setting for her children’s stories, South African author Lebohang Masango is captivating the imaginations of youngsters, one book at a time. Her “Mpumi series” will be among the many offerings at this weekend’s Kingsmead College book Fair in partnership with HOT1027. Tara…
25 May 1 min

"Celebrations" at the Kingsmead Book Fair

Drawing on her decades of experience in the kitchen , South African cook Jan Kohler is sharing her family recipes in her new offering called “Celebrations”. It’s just one of the Cookbooks that will be featured at this Saturday’s Kingsmead Book Fair in partnership with HOT1027. Tara Penny caught up…
25 May 1 min

Walking the Camino de Santiago for disable children

A Roodepoort woman will be setting off on the “Camino de Santiago” in Spain today to try and raise money for a home that cares for disabled children in her community. 54 year old Rozette Botha will be walking 320 km over the next 18 days to support the “Queen…
24 May 2 min

"What Happens on Vacation" at the Kingsmead Book Fair

Using clever twists and turns, South African author Jo Watson takes us on a literary journey through Zanzibar in her latest novel “What Happens on Vacation”. The witty offering is just one of the novels that will be featured this Saturday at the Kingsmead College Book Fair in partnership with…
23 May 1 min

The World Table Tennis Champion is bouncing into Durban

Excitement is building ahead of the start of the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban. African champion Quadri Aruna has taken time out of his busy schedule to host a coaching clinic in Chatsworth south of the city. HOT102.7’s Myron Naicker was there…
19 May 1 min

"My Year of Not Getting Sh!tfaced" at the Kingsmead College Book Fair

The tendency for south africans to use alcohol to treat symptoms of stress and burnout is brought into sharp focus in Pamela Power’s new book. Her personal account of “getting on the wagon” will be just one of the literary offerings at the upcoming Kingsmead College Book Fair, in partnership…
18 May 1 min

"The Cedarville Shop and the Wheelbarrow Swap" at the Kingsmead Book Fair

Drawing on her own experience of growing up on an Eastern Cape farm , South African author Bridgette Krone has tried to explain the unexpected complexities involved in having “a eureka moment” . Her children’s novel “The Cedarville Shop and the Wheelbarrow Swap” is one of the many books that…
17 May 2 min

"An Angel's Demise" at the Kingsmead College Book Fair

Zimbabwe’s torrid past comes under the microscope in Sue Nyathi’s latest novel “An Angel’s Demise”. Writing about the history of her native Zimbabwe , Nyathi tackles the difficult topic of identity politics , through the lens of a woman called Angel. It’s one of the books that will be on…
16 May 1 min

"Never waste a good hysterectomy" at the Kingsmead College Book Fair

The tendency to render older women invisible in society has been laid bare in Melanie Verwoerd’s latest book “Never waste a good hysterectomy”. The personal memoir of triggers , trauma, healing , and menopause is just one of the literary offerings that will be featured on the 27th of May…
15 May 2 min

What Mums REALLY want this Mother's Day

And this Sunday , we'll be celebrating the pillars of strength and support in our lives that we call "Mum". In the run up to Mother's Day, we checked in with a few Mum's to find out how they'd like to spend the day... Hot1027's Tara Penny has more…
12 May 5 min

"Child free zones" in the home could save your kids from burns

The lawlessness that often characterises South Africa is contributing to the massive number of children being admitted to hospital with burns. It’s burns awareness week, and we’re taking a closer look how we can keep our children safe. Hot1027’s Tara Penny has more…
11 May 2 min

What to do when someone suffers a burn at home

Parents and guardians are being urged to read up on first aid so they know how to react if someone is burnt in the home. It’s burns awareness week , so we’re casting the floodlight on the prevention methods to keep our kids safe. Hot1027’s Tara Penny has more…
8 May 1 min

Hot water and kids under 5 : How to prevent burns in the home

Did you know that children under 5 are the most likely suffer burns from hot water at home? It’s burns awareness week here in South Africa , so we roped in an expert to help us make our homes a little safer.. HOT1027’s Tara Penny has more…
6 May 1 min

Maryke Taylor : Using her platform to help abused women and children

A Benoni mother who's been selected as a finalist for the upcoming Mrs Universe South Africa pageant has told HOT1027 News she’s using the platform to reach out to other women and children who’ve been abused. 41 year old Maryke Taylor was molested as a child, and many years later,…
5 May 2 min

HOT1027 News at AfrikaBurn 😎

For five days last week, a farm called Quaggafontein in the Tankwa Karoo, north of Cape Town was a riot of sound, colour and light as AfrikaBurn 2023 took over the desert. Hot 1027’s Paul Ash was there... He filed this report as soon as he found cellphone signal…
4 May 1 min
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