From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes who are making a difference and cutting through red tape... These outstanding stories rarely get the attention they deserve because they're not considered "Breaking News". That's why we're "Not Breaking News".
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Return of the "Fadgets" : éVoid gets ready to rock Joburg

Flamboyant South African-born prog-rock band éVoid say they're looking forward to playing ALL their hits for local fans when they touch down in Joburg this month. eVoid , who'll be supporting British electro-pop band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark at Marks Park say even though they've been overseas for decades,…
11 Apr 2 min

"I know you don't believe me" : Government promises to end loadshedding this year

Government’s latest unsubstantiated loadshedding promise is drawing flack from energy analysts, taxpayers and opposition parties.. Earlier this week , Deputy President Paul Mashatile committed to somehow ending load shedding in the next 8 months, without explaining how that would be possible. HOT1027’s Tara Penny takes a look …
11 Apr 2 min

112 years since the Titanic set sail

On this day back in 1912 , the Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage. Four nights later while running at high speed, on a black, moonless night, the ship hit an iceberg, tearing a massive hole down her right side. The Titanic's owners claimed the ship was unsinkable. Yet…
10 Apr 2 min

"Normal To Me" : The SA doccie breaking down stereotypes around disability

A South African documentary that delves into the lives of people with disabilities is hitting the film festival circuit. “Normal to Me” was filmed at the Joyce Chevalier work center in Fish Hoek using funding from the President’s stimulus employment package. It’s a celebration of the human spirit , that…
10 Apr 2 min

30 years later, survivors remember the Rwandan genocide

Rwanda is marking 30 years since the start of the genocide. In just 100 days, extremists belonging to the country's Hutu majority killed 800 000 minority Tutsis and thousands of moderate Rwandans. The Hutu militias roamed the country using machetes and rifles to kill their victims while the world stood…
9 Apr 2 min

HOT1027 makes another splash at the New York Radio Awards

Hot 1027 has scored three nominations at the world’s leading radio industry awards. The New York Radio Festivals will hand out accolades to the industry’s finest radio stations at a gala event on the 16th of April. Our US Correspondent Simon Marks has more…
5 Apr 1 min

Happy 90th Birthday Dr Jane Goodall

Doctor Jane Goodall is celebrating her 90th birthday. The world renowned primatologist ventured into the unknown as a young woman , to give the world a remarkable window into humankind’s closest living relatives. HOT1027’s Tara Penny has more…
3 Apr 1 min

Blindspot : Episode 20 : "Our brains our still wired for fight or flight"

Experts are warning dangerous altercations in the traffic are leaving many motorists in “Fight or Flight” mode. It's the Easter long weekend – a notoriously dangerous time to be travelling – and we’re examining road rage , along with other reckless behaviour, to try and find out what we can…
29 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 19 : "What's the most dangerous thing on the road?"

With tens of thousands of families on our roads this Easter long-weekend, experts say we should adopting a “pre-flight" mentality to make sure we get around safely. HOT1027 has been looking at road rage and other reckless behaviour all week to try and help identify ways to avoid escalation. HOT1027’s…
29 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 17 : "Attitude makes all the difference"

As we take advantage of the Easter holidays, experts are reminding us that the most important factor we can control on the roads is our attitude. The Easter break is notorious for deadly crashes, road rage and reckless behaviour. We've brought in the experts to help us navigate the dangers…
29 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 16 : "South Africans don't like being told what to do"

With dangerous and reckless driving on full display on South Africa’s roads, even the conventional road safety campaigns are having to change tack. This Easter long-weekend HOT1027 news is looking at road rage and the general lawlessness on our routes , while roping in the experts to help. HOT1027’s Tara…
29 Mar 2 min

Blindspot: Episode 15 : "We're just skin, bone and two wheels"

With the Easter weekend kicking off, more cars and bicycles are hitting the road. Cyclists are urging motorists to be kinder to people on two wheels. As part of our investigation into road rage, we're looking at how bikes and cars share the streets, and what it's like to be…
28 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 14 : "Your kids copy you"

Parents are being warned to watch their behaviour behind the wheel with children often getting a front-row seat to road rage and other reckless conduct. As we all get ready to spend the Easter weekend with loved ones experts are warning it’s a dangerous time on the roads and many…
28 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 13 : "You behave better when you're being recorded"

As angry and frustrated motorists battle through congested traffic on a daily basis, many drivers are turning to dashboard cameras to help them record transgressions in real time. In the run up to the Easter long-weekend, HOT1027 news is looking at ways to de-escalate road rage and other reckless behaviour…
28 Mar 1 min

Blindspot : Episode 12 : "We're in for an AARTO shock"

Experts are warning South African drivers are in for a shock when the AARTO traffic offences act is implemented. AARTO will allow government to collect traffic fines and enforce penalties if drivers fail to cough up. Errant motorists who keep offending could face being banned from driving altogether. As part…
27 Mar 2 min

Blindspot: Episode 11: "Sometimes motorists take the gap without looking"

As we gear up for the notoriously dangerous Easter long-weekend exodus , Gauteng's Biker fraternity is calling on motorists to double check their mirrors before taking a gap. In the run up to the holidays, we're taking a look at road rage and other reckless behaviour. HOT1027's Mathapelo Moloi has…
27 Mar 2 min

Blindspot : Episode 9 : Every hour is "RUSH hour"

As we examine reckless and negligent behaviour on our roads , HOT1027 listeners and experts are picking up that everyone seems to be in a tremendous rush - all the time. Impatience is playing out on our streets and highways with dangerous consequences for many. And as drivers get ready…
27 Mar 2 min
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