Banks set to turbocharge stock portfolios. Here’s why - SA’s top financial fund manager Kokkie Kooyman

South African investment professional Kokkie Kooyman is probably the best financial sector analyst in the world. He knows every publicly listed bank and insurer. The Denker Capital global financial fund manager encouraged people to invest when the herd was stampeding away from stocks in 2020. Now, although markets have perked up, Kooyman believes bank stocks are likely to deliver superior returns and there's an opportunity to get in relatively early for the ride. Big buyers are coming back into the market, with banks allowed to buy back their shares. In this interview, he sets out his global investment ideas. He also weighs in on South African bank shares - which have the weight of a troubled economy on them - and controversial SA insurer Santam, which has been fighting an ugly battle with its clients over business interruption cover. - Jackie Cameron