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A hyperloop dream for Europe

Amsterdam to Barcelona in about an hour. Wouldn't it be great if Europe had its very own hyperloop system? Come with us to check out the radical plan being drawn up at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Remember December?

It may just be the "Most wonderful time of the year," but Christmas shopping can act like cocaine on your body and we've got three very good antidotes. Also, as we enter peak house fire season, an idea that could save kids' lives.


How artificial intelligence is seeping into peculiar corners of medicine, why we should keep an early eye out for dementia, and DW science's Fabian Schmidt bids farewell to his beloved Scottish Terrier.

Bi bi

Half of young British people say they're bisexually inclined, how to become a Jedi warrior right here on planet Earth, and why China's "artificial moons" might be artificial science.

Self-driving carnage

Drive into a child, or swerve and hit two grandparents? Such horrendously difficult choices will soon be programmed into ours cars. Cast your own vote in this moral bloodbath of an episode.

The dogged, interminable struggle with diabetes

This week on the show, DW reports from a special conference in Bochum, where experts from around Germany - and Europe - met to discuss the psychological dimension of diabetes. Why is it so hard to live with this metabolic disease? What can be done to motivate sufferers who would rather just throw in the towel?


How do you "graduate" astronaut school? We ask Europe's newest astronaut. Also, the strange story of a roaring Himalayan flood, and what you should do in the event of a tsunami.

Tapping into the science of Oktoberfest

Just why DO so many people go to Oktoberfest? And how does nearly 8 million liters of beer get in – and then out – of the city in just two weeks? Come with us to Munich, Germany, but watch out for 'super recognizers.'


Can an electronic dog nose perform better than the biological one? Also, why sweat smells, a dip into perfume and Cambodia's mine-sniffing rats.

Lettuce celebrate food!

On the show: Can obesity induced inflammation reduce your ability to taste? How much CO² does one sandwich produce? You’ll be surprised.

Artilysin, contraception and Twitter Bot art

On this week’s show, it’s been 90 years since the first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered. We’re going to take the occasion to talk about bacterial resistance, and what may be the future of antibiotics.

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