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From advances that will change our lives to offbeat oddities, Spectrum keeps you abreast of developments in the realm of European science and technology news.
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Weekly roundup — Smell & anti-depressants

Powerful smells may mitigate severe depression, and a new study suggests regular erections can help against ED. Also, the fascinating reason humans built a gigantic wall close to a lake roughly 10,000 years ago.
17 Feb 30 min

Scared of crime? Motion lights won't help

A new study using VR suggests the things that make neighborhoods safer… don't necessarily make us FEEL safer. (And for God's sake, close the garage door.)
16 Feb 13 min

What is the Alaskapox virus?

Deep in a remote forest, a sick, elderly man got scratched by a stray cat — and likely died as a result.
15 Feb 15 min

Why is new music so terrible?

Look, we know we sound like boomers — but there really is something wrong with mass-produced music today, and it's connected to the science of how humans perceive beats.
8 Feb 18 min

Weekly roundup — The moral law within me

A new study suggests it's never a good idea to watch someone else eat raw broccoli. Also, what Job (from the Old Testament) got wrong about wind and wisdom, and the surprising side effect of phobia therapy.
20 Jan 30 min

Why more women are doing 'Veganuary'

Look, we're not trying to push a vegan lifestyle. But it’s worth figuring out why a diet that leads to better human health (and a cooler climate)… just isn't popular with men.
17 Jan 16 min

Weekly roundup — Buk, buk, buk, buk... ba-gawk!

Chickens can communicate emotions (like exasperation), and we humans can understand it. Also, our listeners have a wild variety of new status symbols (and one of them is Science unscripted).
13 Jan 30 min

How do I become wise?

We all have an image of what a 'wise person' looks and sounds like. New research shows we're wrong.
12 Jan 10 min

A cure for morning sickness?

A new study on mice shows there may be an easy way to prevent — and treat — the debilitating nausea and vomiting that happens in 70% of pregnancies.
11 Jan 12 min

We're back!

Once in a while we have an episode that has nothing to do with science. This one's about how Gabe burned his hair off.
11 Jan 7 min

The status symbols they are a-changin’

An expensive car, a shiny watch, a hot body, video game skins, a vegan diet — regardless of how different they can be, status symbols will always be a part of the human experience. Why do we need them so deeply?
6 Jan 30 min

Happy New Year from Science unscripted!

Thanks for listening to (or watching) our show this year. And please don't forget these quick tips on how to have a safe and fun party on December 31.
30 Dec 2023 30 min
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