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Lettuce celebrate food!

On the show: Can obesity induced inflammation reduce your ability to taste? How much CO² does one sandwich produce? You’ll be surprised.

Artilysin, contraception and Twitter Bot art

On this week’s show, it’s been 90 years since the first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered. We’re going to take the occasion to talk about bacterial resistance, and what may be the future of antibiotics.

Gardening in microgravity

We take a look at what goes in to preparing the food that astronauts eat on board the International Space Station. A group of students attempt to grow vegetables in space, and we meet a scientist in Antarctica cultivating crops which may one day feed astronauts headed to Mars.

Looking at Earth from above

Will the UK win the space race and become the first European country with its own spaceport on European soil? Host Jessie Wingard meets an amateur radio operator connecting Earth with the International Space Station.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

We take a look at how South Africa has become a world leader in penis transplants. Stem cell therapies – miracle cure or harmful to your health? We discuss mental health and climate change.

This is a test

We hear from the first 'test tube baby' 40 years later, find hot and bothered Germans (who also sit too much), long live the vanishing king penguin, and the sound of our sun.

Marijuana, sex, soccer and sleep

If Marijuana can make old mice brains younger, does that work with humans too? What is the point of monogamy if our instincts tell us to have sex with as many people as possible? When are most soccer goals scored in the course of a game, statistically? And can robots help us fall asleep?

Duh, duh duh-duh-duh duh, duh

On this week’s show we’re going to be analyzing the song Seven Nation Army, the omnipresent anthem of soccer teams around the world. Why do groups of people sing this song together? What’s going on in our brain when we do that? Does it say something about the power of music? If you’ve ever wondered about this, definitely stay with me on this episode of Spectrum.

Smart Cities in Finland

A smart city? Going by what the experts tell us, the cities of the future will be digital and connected. Smart cities use smart technology to improve the quality of life for their citizens - by boosting the transport network, cutting down on waste and resource consumption, and connecting people. In Finland, some of that is already reality.

Go for launch

Some of you may have heard that there's a certain 'European of German descent' floating above your head right now (or beneath your feat, if you're on the side of the Earth opposite of him), but many of you won't really know how the heck Alexander Gerst got there.

Put your lights on

On this week’s show we’re going to take a look at the EU’s new data protection laws. And we’ll meet somebody who offered all of his facebook data on ebay, partly to see what it was worth – and partly to prove a point. We’re also gearing up for Alexander Gerst's launch on Wednesday. What science will he be doing up on the ISS, how is he getting kids involved, and how did he get so ripped?

We are all living on a volcano

What's it like living next a shaking, spewing volcano? And what's coming next for Hawaiians? Also, we go inside the cone of a German volcano that erupted with such violence 13,000 years ago that it stopped the River Rhine.

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