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From advances that will change our lives to offbeat oddities, Spectrum keeps you abreast of developments in the realm of European science and technology news.
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German men sit when they pee. Why?

The results of a recent survey indicate that males in Germany — compared to 11 other nations involved — are leaders when it comes to seated urination. Any ideas why that could be?
7 Jun 19 min

Chimpanzees 'talk' when you scare them with snakes

You, the person reading this, say about 1,000 unique words every day. Our closest primate relatives? Far fewer. To learn more, researchers went to the Ugandan jungle — and pranked the living daylights out of them.
2 Jun 14 min

Google researcher reveals how to give AI 'human values'

We reached out to DeepMind to find out how their experiment on tree harvesting could possibly lead to equitable AI. Lead researcher Laura Weidinger says it really is possible — but only through a "veil of ignorance."
26 May 18 min

Bladders, bowels & mental health

Two studies show, in different ways, how the health of our urinary/digestive systems is intertwined with our brains. (Note: This episode mentions suicidal ideations. If you have suicidal thoughts, call a suicide hotline.)
19 May 11 min

Weekly roundup — Food for thoughts

It’s not usually fun to be in a room with 1,000 high schoolers, but it is if they've all made robots. Also, a counterintuitive experiment shows you can eat healthier… by sitting longer.
6 May 30 min

Why do I believe in ghosts?

Aliens. Demons. The afterlife. The soul. Believing in the paranormal has many root causes. One appears to be bad sleep.
21 Apr 30 min
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