What does it cost to wind up your Estate

We continue with National Wills week here on Hot91-9 on the Mark Pilgrim Show. Now you’re certain you and your spouse have provided for your children with your joint will; is it still possible for your children to encounter a legal rigmarole?
Just after 09h30 this morning Mark sits down with SmartWill MD Zale Hechter and their legal expert to discuss why having separate wills may be more beneficial than a joint will.
19 Sep 2019 4AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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Importance of having a will in place

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Dangers of free will templates

It’s National Wills Week and Hot 91.9FM has partnered with SmartWill to educate and inform South Africans about the importance of wills. Today, Mark Pilgrim sat down with the guys from SmartWill to discuss the dangers of free will templates. They might seem great, but there are dangers. Listen to…
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