Simon Lincoln Reader on Biden, Boris’ hair, wokeness and his relation to Margaret Thatcher – no-holds-barred

Simon Lincoln Reader, known to the BizNews community as SLR, wears many hats. A regular columnist for BizNews, Reader possesses a unique ability to merge perceptive depth and satirical wizardry in his articles. In January, Reader – a London-based technology investor – visited Cape Town, which presented the perfect opportunity for a refreshingly frank, face-to-face conversation. True to form, Reader did not hold back. Not surprisingly, the entire (rather lengthy) podcast – recorded in his garden in Cape Town – is wildly entertaining, with Reader recounting details of experiences ranging from his relation to ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher to his involvement with the ANC many years ago. Topics like Joe Biden, Boris Johnson’s hair and wokeness, among many others, were covered and his take was both hilarious and insightful.