Will John Hlophe, Zuma-friendly judge, get away with YET ANOTHER dodgy move? Anti-corruption lawyer sizes up his form

One of South Africa’s most senior judges, John Hlophe, western cape judge president, has been accused of, among other things, moonlighting, tax evasion, racism and an allegation that he tried to sway a Constitutional Court judgement in favour of former president Jacob Zuma. Over the weekend, Hlophe was found guilty of impeachable conduct by a Judicial Conduct Tribunal for trying to persuade other judges to favour Zuma, who at the time was challenging search warrants in connection with corruption charges against him. Adv Paul Hoffman, Director of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa speaks to Jackie Cameron of BizNews, to share his insights on John Hlophe - who has recently burnt through more than R3m in taxpayers’ funds to fight allegations that he has been part of former president Zuma’s corrupt circle. In this interview you’ll hear how Hlophe has been accused of behaviour more likely in a school playground than the corridors of a court building, including allegations of a fisticuffs over his wife. Hoffman assesses to what extent Hlophe has been a player in Zuma’s gangster state.
13 Apr 2021 1PM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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