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The worst second hand sales you've seen

Smile Breakfast was curious about the worst 2nd hand items our listeners have seen for sale. False teeth is something that seemed to come up a lot. But we also heard about "vrot Birkenstocks", a used toilet, a dirty gas braai, and even a coffin.
30 Mar 5AM 2 min

Experts advise to not buy this item

Lindy gave thrift shoppers a run for their money with her Stat Chat this morning. Apparently there's an item that you should shy away from buying second hand.
30 Mar 4AM 1 min

South Africa is a hotbed for cyber crime

Smile Breakfast caught up with cyber security expert Grant Hughes who brought us up to speed with the latest scams and how we can avoid being victims.
29 Mar 6AM 5 min

He duped a scammer

Smile Breakfast had a conversation about scams. While South Africa seems to be a hotbed for cyber crime, sometimes the scammers get scammed too. That's exactly what one of our listeners did.
29 Mar 6AM 2 min

A Lindy Lehto impostor!

Lindy had to address something you may have seen on Facebook. An impostor trying to get money from our listeners with a fake account.
29 Mar 6AM 3 min

A.I. leaving Africa behind

Bobby caught up with Nick Bradshaw who is the found of AI Expo Africa. In the conversation we hear Nick's thoughts on Africa falling behind in the world of artificial intelligence.
28 Mar 7AM 1 min

Loadshedding trims, accidental mullets, and other grooming fails

We asked our listeners if they had ever had any fails when it comes to grooming. We heard about how loadshedding humbled Aiden at the barber, how an ambitious trim led to vanishing eyebrows, and how a request for a fringe managed to become a fluffy mullet.
28 Mar 6AM 3 min

A grooming incident gives a new nickname

Bobby had a confession that he may have been part of a small percentage of adults that have sustained an injury whilst grooming themselves. But the way he manage to get the injury got himself a new nickname on Smile Breakfast.
28 Mar 5AM 1 min

Happy 100th birthday Elizabeth Raby!

At Smile FM we celebrated our 10th birthday on the 25th of March. We share our birthday with someone who has a lot of wisdom - Mrs Elizabeth Mona Raby. She turned 100 over the weekend.
27 Mar 4AM 3 min

Bobby's top 5 dance moves

Whether it's jazzing, flossing, dabbing, twerking, hip-hopping or the Macarena. Whatever is your thing this weekend, we want you to Just Dance. So Bobby thought he'd bring back some moves from his youth with his top 5 moves.
24 Mar 5AM 3 min

Robin and Jorine's honeymoon

Last month one of our listeners proposed to his partner live on Smile Breakfast. We then convinced Robin and Jorine to get married the next week on Valentine's Day. We pulled off a wedding in a week and were surprised when Blessing from Love For Africa gifted them with a…
24 Mar 2AM 4 min

Bobby Brown's custom alarm

Smile Breakfast made their very own alarms for you to download and use on your phone. Here is Bobby's idea of what should get you out of bed.
23 Mar 7AM 1 min

Lindy Lehto's custom alarm

Smile Breakfast made their very own alarms for you to download and use on your phone. Here is Lindy's idea of what should get you out of bed.
23 Mar 7AM 1 min

The different ways you wake up

Everyone is different when it comes to their snoozing habits and the alarm tone they choose to start their day with. Smile Breakfast listeners have some questionable ways of waking up.
23 Mar 7AM 4 min

Bobby's bitterness with his lack of whistling skills

Smile Breakfast got talking about things from your childhood that have left a bitter taste in your mouth. Bobby had a very particular incident that left him without the ability to whistle. And for some reason he's held onto it for years.
22 Mar 5AM 2 min

Things you're still salty about from childhood

When you think of your childhood it's often full of happy memories playing with your friends and siblings. But there are also moments that you hold onto with some disdain. Some of those moments might be insignificant in the greater scheme of things, but they can still stay with you…
22 Mar 5AM 3 min

Lindy's self-tan childhood nightmare

Lindy has always felt a bit self conscious about something. It goes back to her childhood when she attempted to use self-tan lotion. The problem is that she only used it on her legs - this was the start point of Lindy's feud with her childhood nemesis Lee.
22 Mar 5AM 3 min

What deserves a better name?

It turns out that there are lots of things that our listeners feel are badly named. Just a warning - we can't always control moments when Lindy gets a bit unhinged.
16 Mar 8AM 2 min
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