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Radiation from God

Bishop A L N Moloantoa talks about radiation from God. There's a difference between the person who converse with God and the person who doesn't. There are things that happen when you spend time with God, even if you don't see them. Exodus 34 : 29 - 35
21 Nov 7AM 15 min

Faith and works

Bishop A L N Moloantoa talks about faith and works, in most cases we speak about our faith but there's no works. Luke 10 : 30 - 36
21 Nov 7AM 15 min

Let us learn from Christ

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about the book of John 11 : 23 - 27 that we should learn from Christ. Believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God.
15 Nov 6AM 8 min

Lord if you had been here

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about the book of John 11 : 21 - 23 "If you had been here,.." Does your family, friends and co-workers appreciate your presence?
15 Nov 6AM 9 min

Revelation 3

Pastor Gwen Matshoba talks about Jesus being Amen, meaning He's Omega, the beginning and the end; and the faithful and a true witness, meaning that He's faithfulness and love they go before Him. Revelations 3 : 14
9 Nov 4AM 20 min

John 10 : 10 part 3

Pastor Gwen Matshosa talks about the book of John 10 : 10 Joy is another area that the enemy wants to steal, reason being, joy is one of the inheritance Jesus has come to complete/ fulfill in our lives. Luke 2 : 10 John 15 : 10
9 Nov 4AM 20 min

John 10 : 10 part 2

Pastor Gwen continues teaching about the scripture of John 10 : 10 The enemy doesn't steal if there isn't anything to be stolen. He steals where he knows or have seen something to be stolen.
9 Nov 4AM 21 min

Wavering between two opinions

Bishop Lucky Moloantoa speaks about wavering between two opinions. The word wavering means someone is unable to make a decision, they have knowledge but is unable to reach a decision, Is to be unsure. People know God, have heard about God, they see that God is alive and even nature…
9 Nov 3AM 13 min

Follow Christ

Pastor Zani Dladla speaks about follow Christ; for us is to follow Christ and forget about many things that can hinder us. John 21 : 20 - 23
9 Nov 3AM 9 min

John 10 : 10 part 1

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about Jesus exposing the intention of the enemy. There's nothing that the enemy will steal from us that is not exposed to him. John 10 : 10 Hezekiah 39 : 2 - 8
9 Nov 1AM 19 min

2 Pillars

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about the story of Samson when he killed many Philistines as they set him between the pillars. Judges 16 : 25 - 30
8 Nov 8AM 21 min


Pastor Gwen Matshoba talks about abortion. God was not pleased with Onan, and slew Onan because the man contemptuously refused to fulfill his familial responsibility under the Old Covenant. Genesis 38 : 2 - 10
24 Oct 8AM 19 min

I have made you like God to Pharaoh

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about being made like God. In order to understand, we need to know who God was talking to and what was the situation? Exodus 7 : 1
13 Oct 5AM 9 min

I said you are "gods"

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about "gods" In order to understand this scripture, we need to know who God was talking to, what was the situation. If we call ourselves little gods, who are we gods to? Psalms 82 : 6
13 Oct 5AM 7 min

Spiritual gifts 10

Pastor Zani Dladla concludes the series about spiritual gifts, different kinds of gifts and their operations. Learn from the bold and wise, use the gift in a way that people will benefit out of it. 1 Corinthians 14 : 18 - 24
13 Oct 4AM 8 min

Rekindling the lost love in your marriage P17

Pastor Themba Mokoena teaches about adjust your expectations in your marriage. Understanding that we are married to flawed people; but there are none negotiable standards according to the word/bible. Talking about infidelity, sexual abuse etc. 1 Corinthians 13 : 8, 13 Romans 5 : 5 - 8
13 Oct 4AM 20 min

Rekinding the lost love in your marriage P16

Pastor Themba Mokoena teaches about adjusting our expectations in marriage. Acceptance doesn't mean the person doesn't have flaws and accepting them with their flaws doesn't mean you do not want them to change. Nobody is perfect, people will always have qualities we don't like, characteristics we find annoying and behaviors…
13 Oct 3AM 20 min

Close the doors

Bishop ALN Moloantoa talks about doors, What's the meaning of open doors in your life. Use the main door which is Christ for you to find other open doors in your life; doors of healing, doors of marriage, work etc. Genesis 4 : 6 - 7
12 Oct 8AM 15 min
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