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Radio Pulpit is an established, reliable, relevant media voice and preferred Christian radio station and partner in South Africa and beyond. With more than four decades of broadcasting experience, this trusted brand is a welcome voice in households and businesses across the country.

Recent podcast episodes

Living by faith #36

Pastor T.L. Immanuel continues his series on faith, emphasizing the importance of fighting the good fight. Reflecting on 1 Timothy 6:12, he urges us to "lay hold of eternal life." This eternal life is a precious gift from God, one that we must protect and defend against Satan's attacks. In…
17 Jul 14 min

Lord give me one more chance

Bishop J.M. Mmusi speaks on the theme of seeking another chance from God, drawing inspiration from Judges 16:28-30 and Luke 15:17-20. In Judges 16:28-30, Samson, in his final moments, pleads with God for one last opportunity to fulfill his mission and not die without accomplishing his divine purpose. Similarly, in…
26 Jun 10 min

The promise/gift of the father #6

Mashadi Mathosa continues to teach about the Father's gift, emphasizing that God freely bestows these gifts upon us when we ask, without expecting anything in return. This aligns with Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:17, which highlight God's generous offer of the water of life to all who are thirsty, freely…
17 Jul 4AM 13 min