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5 EPISODES | AMOTHEHERO |  Series, ±1 min episode total time 9 min
I am grateful for the hand that life has handed me. I regret less and embrace more then I can imagine.

This a channel used to express my thoughts and experiences. I use this platform to touch each aspect of my life, going through my relationships, work, environments, victories and failures.

Still I rise.

Food On Black

Want Sommer is nie ‘n rede nie.

Liefste Vriende,
Welkom om my kombuistafel. Hier kuier ons saam met ander ‘gewone’ mense en ‘net’ ma’s (en pa’s). Soos ‘n markplein hoort; is hier vele ontdekkingsreisigers van ooral-oor.

Meningsverskille is te verwagte. Soos die vis en die padda uit een van my gustelling verhale. Gereeld bevind ek myself in gesprekke soos die waar vis se droomwolkies gevorm word vanuit ‘n onder water wereld maak nie saak hoe goed padda se bo-water stories is nie.

Hier maak ons tee en soms foute. Vra omverskoning, verander waar nodig, hou aan vrae vra, lees, ondersoek, groei en leer. Hierso definieer ons huis of volk as ‘n ‘Stam’. Nie as ‘n taal of ‘n kleur of ‘n ouderdom of ‘n klas nie, maar veel eerder as ‘n denkwyse. Een van Hoekom?! Want Sommer is nie ‘n rede nie.

Op menigte koppies tee en hoekoms saam.

Heal mental health Podcast

Co-hosts Terrance Kandiado and Zenani Masuku talk about mental health in Zimbabwe, the stigma and impact of mental health disorders on students, teachers, parents, and professionals. They interview people from different working fields and engage relevant stakeholders on the challenges and available resources on mental health. They interview professionals who share professional advice and interview everyday people and share their stories about depression, anxiety, trauma, and mental illness. The co-hosts have intimate and moving discussions about living with a mental disorder in Zimbabwe today.
ENGLISH Read by Terrance Kandiado and Zenani Masuku Zimbabwe Alternative Health · Health & Fitness

Hypnosis Works!

26 EPISODES | HYPNOSIS WORKS! |  Podcast, ±32 min episode every 1 week
Find out more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy from one of South Africa's leading Hypnotherapists, Hendrik Baird.
Find out more about Hypnosis Works! by visiting the website

Physician Resilience

2 EPISODES | LAMPCOACHING |  Podcast, ±27 min episode every 4 days
Globally physician burnout ranges between 25% and 60% and an increasing body of evidence in South Africa shows a similar trend particularly among doctors working in the public healthcare sector. Burnout among doctors negatively influences the productivity and efficiency of health systems and, ultimately, patient care. It is noted that physician resilience is the key to develop sustainability of the physician workforce with an ability to drive quality patient care. The physician resilience podcast series is aimed at finding a holistic approach to reduce burnout among physicians. The episodes focus on the components of physician burnout; challenges that make physicians vulnerable to burnout; interventions to address and prevent burnout and the development of specific skills that might help physicians to protect themselves from inherent risks within the medical culture.

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