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Just Skin Deep?

A biweekly podcast about the transformative power of plastic surgery and its impact on people's lives.
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Looking to avoid impandla? Let’s talk alopecia

We tend to see alopecia everyday in the form of bald patches and receding hairlines due to South Africans love for braided, relaxed and weaved hair. We wanted to know what caused this and Just Skin Deep reached out to Professor Ncoza Dlova, who is a specialist dermatologist and dean…
3 Oct 13 min

After losing 100kg through gastric bypass, Leago Maruma is ‘happy’

In this week’s episode of Just Skin Keep - a podcast about the transformative power of surgery and its impact on people's lives - we dive deeper into gastric bypass surgery. Leago Maruma joins our host Gomie Seabi and speaks about the journey to losing more than 100kg since going…
22 Aug 37 min

Burn survivor Relebogile (7) given new lease on life

It has been a long journey for seven-year-old Relebogile Mulauzi after sustaining third-degree burns on her upper body. This week on Just Skin Deep, our host Gomie Seabi speaks to Relebogile, her mother Nandipha Mulauzi and Professor Kenneth Segwapa, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
9 Aug 10 min