Discovery South Africa Mental Wellbeing Podcast Series

Mental Wellbeing Podcast Series

Vitality’s mental wellbeing podcast series features experts on breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. Join the journey for tips on relaxation, handling anxiety, stress and building resilience.
Weekly English South Africa Alternative Health · Spirituality
18 Episodes

Box breathing with Dr Ela Manga, founder of Breathwork Africa

In this how-to guide by Dr Ela Manga, she explains how to use the Box Breathing technique for mindfulness. Also known as “square breathing” this is a technique used by taking slow, deep breaths for relaxation. It follows a four-step sequence: the inhale, pause, the exhale, and pause. Box breathing…
17 Apr 2020 1 min

Honeybee breathing with Dr Ela Manga, founder of Breathwork Africa.

In this how-to guide by Dr Ela Manga, she explains how to use the Honeybee Breathing technique for relaxation. Named after humming sound that bees make with their wings, the sound is soothing and can increase exhalation. It can be a regular daily practice to encourage relaxation or an immediate…
17 Apr 2020 1 min

Your sleep matters

Dr Dale Rae specialises in sleep science, circadian rhythms and sleep in sport, health and illness. She unpacks why our sleep patterns may be altered while we adapt to staying at home, and how to manage sleep issues. Dr Rae is a senior researcher in the division of Exercise Science…
16 Apr 2020 20 min

Don’t stop moving

Dinesh Govender, Vitality CEO, explains why it is more important than ever to keep up a fitness routine – not for your waistline, but for your mind, too. While we are at home, exercise is essential for maintaining both your physical and mental wellbeing. He also shares the ins and…
16 Apr 2020 15 min

Discover You: Meditation 101

Vani Pavadai, a meditation teacher with the Art of Living Foundation, has taught the practice for 21 years – to individuals, corporates, in prisons and at schools. In this podcast, she explains what meditation is about and how anyone can learn to meditate.
15 Apr 2020 3 min