Snake Rescue

Snake Rescue with Nick Evans is an adrenalin-fuelled podcast series which follows Nick on his exciting snake rescue adventures in the Greater Durban area. As you'll hear, Durban is home to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. With a population of over 3.5 million people, and many snakes around, human/snake conflict is a common occurrence, and snakes end up being found in some strange places! It's Nick's job to safely remove these misunderstood animals. There are always challenges and risks involved though. To be part of Nick’s adventures, listen to this podcast.
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Cobra spits at Durban dogs: Nick Evans on what to do

When Nick Evans get calls for a Mozambique Spitting Cobra in a property where there are dogs, he always worries. Cobras don't attack dogs, but dogs attack them, and other snakes. If the dog does attack, they're in for a nasty surprise, as some of these dogs at a home…
21 Jun 2021 5 min

Puff Adder camouflaged in KZN garden leaves scares homeowner

Imagine doing a little gardening, only to discover a deadly snake coiled up in the leaves! That's exactly what happened to a Durban homeowner who got one major surprise when she realised she wasn't just raking up leaves. A Puff Adder had chosen her leaf-covered lawn to get cosy! That's…
14 Jun 2021 6 min

2.5m Black Mamba casually slithers into Durban home

Imagine seeing a very large Black Mamba casually slithering into your home, through the lounge and down the passage, past your child's bathroom, and into a bedroom? It happened in Reservoir Hills recently, and Nick Evans rushed to the rescue.
7 Jun 2021 6 min

Black Mamba in stables storeroom - where's Nick Evans?

During Lockdown Level 3, Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call to help retrieve a Black Mamba from a storeroom at horse stables on the KZN North Coast. A large storage area full of big boxes and all sorts of things for a snake to hide under or behind-not an…
31 May 2021 7 min

Black Mamba in roof of Westville home

On this Snake Rescue call, Nick Evans went to remove a Black Mamba from a perfect mamba hotel. It was securely tucked away in a garage roof on a Westville property! The garage roof provided warmth and shelter, and probably the odd rat for the snake. And in the water…
24 May 2021 8 min

Nick Evans, a power tool and an elusive Forest Cobra

This was a really exciting call out for Nick Evans because it was for a snake he hadn't caught in years - a Forest Cobra! "This snake really played hard to get, and it took a few trips to actually catch it. On one of those trips, we worked for…
17 May 2021 7 min

You can sleep lekker now': Nick to the rescue in Bellair

Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call from the Bellair area of Durban, and he could hear some panic in the background. There was apparently a really big Black Mamba in a shrub between two properties. "When I arrived, this snake decided to make my life difficult - it went…
10 May 2021 9 min

Nick Evans to the rescue as hungry mamba sniffs out pet birds

Black Mambas do enjoy a bird or two for lunch. When this mamba sniffed out caged parakeets, it couldn't resist popping in for a meal. However, it all went wrong for the snake. Not only did it not catch a meal, but it managed to get itself stuck! This was…
26 Apr 2021 7 min

Puff Adder ventures into KZN factory

In the latest Snake Rescue podcast, Nick Evans is called back to a factory at Cato Ridge, outside Durban, where he’s been for a snake rescue before. Previously, Nick was called out there in the early hours of one morning to capture a decent sized python. On this particular day…
20 Apr 2021 5 min

Green Mamba at Sibaya construction site

In fairly recent times, Snake Rescue’s Nick Evans has been called out twice to the same construction site in the Sibaya area of the KZN North Coast, to remove Green Mambas, both on scaffolding. “As completion of the development neared, I figured that's it for the Green Mamba calls from…
12 Apr 2021 4 min

Nick Evans and the mystery of the missing hamster

Hamsters are cute little pets. However, snakes don't see them that way. To some snakes, hamsters are a very tasty snack. In the latest Snake Rescue podcast, with Nick Evans, he deals with a case where a black mamba picked up the scent of a pet hamster, and moved in…
5 Apr 2021 6 min

The funniest black mamba call-out for Nick Evans

The highly venomous black mamba snakes don't usually inspire much laughter in those who come across them. However, in the crazy world of Snake Rescue's Nick Evans, this was the case one evening in Durban. "I was called to Reservoir Hills, for a black mamba hiding among some clutter in…
29 Mar 2021 15 min

Thrilling cobra call-out for Nick Evans

Season 2 of Snake Rescue with Nick Evans kicks off with a bang with Nick being called to a south Durban home for a brown snake under a patio. Little did he know at the time that it was to become one of his most exciting call-outs. Find out what…
22 Mar 2021 11 min

Valuable racing pigeons picked off by hungry mamba

A pigeon loft - a place a Black Mamba simply cannot refuse to visit! Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call from a pigeon loft owner, at Mt Moreland on the KZN north coast, for an unwanted visitor: a Black Mamba! Unfortunately for the owner, there were casualties already, so…
23 Jun 2020 5 min

A python call at 2am!

A python call at 2am! That's one way to get Snake Rescue’s Nick Evans out of bed at that time! When the large snake was seen on a factory property out in the Cato Ridge area, security staff were worried and called Nick. “I had to go and rescue the…
16 Jun 2020 8 min

Two Black Mambas for the price of 1!

In the latest Snake Rescue, Nick Evans receives a call from the Tongaat area, on the KZN North Coast, for a Black Mamba in a 'storeroom'. As you'll hear, Nick got a lot more than he'd bargained for!
9 Jun 2020 7 min

Black mamba males fight over female in Westville

Most snakes come together in spring to mate, but mambas are not most snakes! In the cooler months, female mambas leave a scent trail in their wake, which male mambas pick up and track using their forked tongue. Should two males bump into each other in the vicinity of the…
2 Jun 2020 8 min

Python, black mamba rescued in one very busy afternoon

‘It doesn’t rain, but it pours’ – is an expression we know well. And it was definitely the case one afternoon (a while before lockdown) when Snake Rescuer Nick Evans had two callouts in the space of a few hours. “It started with an upsetting call about a beautiful Southern…
26 May 2020 10 min

The birds go crazy over Westville Black Mamba

In this week’s Snake Rescue podcast with Nick Evans he returns to a property in Westville that he’s been called to numerous times before, to retrieve a very elusive Black Mamba from a cluster of trees. On the site, he finds things a lot more difficult as the snake moves…
19 May 2020 8 min

A Spitting Cobra under your couch? Yikes…

While Snake Rescue’s Nick Evans was on his way home from releasing snakes he’d rescued from around Durban, he received a call from a man he’d met a year or two earlier. ‘Help, there’s a snake under my sofa!’ – he told Nick. “I’d met this guy a snake awareness…
12 May 2020 8 min
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