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I AM Youth is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our content centres around our slogan of Life. Explained. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces young people occupy to help them overcome the challenges they face.

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How are young people using Discord to build a community?

Discord is a social platform combining VoIP and instant messaging. It may be considered a jack of all trades as users can use the platform to communicate in many different ways. Young people are learning to build communities that are centered around common interests.

Will Samsung copy the iPhone 14 Pro's new Dynamic Island?

Apple has introduced a new feature with the iPhone 14 Pro called the Dynamic Island. This feature allows users to use the screen cutout, primarily meant for the placement of the camera, as a way of multitasking and accessing certain functions. Will this innovation be adopted by Android companies like Samsung?

You should never pretend to be ok

It is very tempting to always try to act brave and want everyone to perceive you as strong and in control. But we should be reminded of Jesus's words that a cup can only be cleaned from the inside (Mat 23:26). Vulnerability and admitting that you need help is not a sign of weakness.

Are men intimidated by female leaders?

Intimidation is when a person feels belittled or afraid as a result of being exposed to someone or something awesome and excellent. Women are often given a hard time for pursuing greatness in positions of power, influence and leadership. Is this a sign that men are intimidated by women in these roles?

Netflix confirms a cheaper subscription with ads

Would you still want to pay for a Netflix account if it came with adverts? One of the major benefits of Netflix is that you can enjoy all of your favorite shows, movies and documentaries without having to be interrupted by Ads. So who is Netflix targeting with the ads option?

Celebrating female leaders in the Bible

Here's a challenge for you: How many female leaders or women with great influence are you able to list without checking on Google? If you unable to reach a list of 5 great women then it begs the question of whether do we appreciate and acknowledge female leaders in our modern Church culture?

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