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I AM Youth is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our content centres around our slogan of Life. Explained. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces young people occupy to help them overcome the challenges they face.
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What is the Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that allows entrepreneurs to easily depict their business model and how they would go about to create, deliver, and capture value for customers. In this interview, Leonie Greyling and Johann Landsberg explain how to do this using the nine (9) business…
12 May 7 min

The Google Pixel Fold is finally here

At their Google I/O 2023 event, Google finally announced the Pixel Fold which has been anticipated ever since Samsung proved that there is a demand for foldable devices. Will the Pixel Fold be a worthy competitor for the Galaxy Fold device?
12 May 5 min

Using Truecaller to identify spam calls

We'd like to introduce you to Truecaller, a mobile app that helps users identify and block spam calls. We explain how true caller works, what features it offers, and how it can protect users from unwanted and fraudulent calls.
12 May 4 min

The positive effects of social media on young people

We'd like to counter the common narrative that social media is harmful and addictive for young people. We acknowledge the potential risks and challenges of social media use, but also emphasize the positive impact that social media can have on young people’s lives.
5 May 10 min

Why do young people feel so misunderstood?

In this episode, we share some tips on how to foster a more inclusive and respectful environment for young people in Churches. we dive into the reasons behind the disconnect between young people and their religious communities.
28 Apr 10 min

Will the Apple VR headset be affordable?

Apple is far behind in releasing a VR headset that will deliver quality performance. But history has taught us that Apple being late doesn't mean that they will not bring the best product into the market.
28 Apr 5 min

Making diverse gospel music

We have to challenge the notion that gospel music is a monolithic genre that only appeals to a certain audience. In this episode, we showcase the diversity and richness of gospel music across different cultures, styles, and languages.
28 Apr 20 min

Do young people feel understood at church?

Let's look into some of the reasons behind the disconnect between young people and their religious communities. We want to explore how cultural differences, communication styles, and expectations affect the generation gap between young Christians and those who are more senior.
28 Apr 6 min

Will Space X be launching more rockets into space?

SpaceX is a manufacturer and launcher of spacecraft and is also a satellite communications company that aims to help mankind settle on Mars. Will we be seeing this company launch more rockets into space?
28 Apr 4 min

Samsung Dex is unbelievably underrated

Samsung Dex is a very useful tool that turns your smartphone into a computer. Many people don't seem to realize just how useful this tool can be.
21 Apr 6 min

Is Elon Musk trying to build an AI to rival GPT4?

It seems like Elon Musk is trying to dip his fingers into every thing that is on the frontier of modern technology. But will he succeed at building something as capable and popular as ChatGPT4?
21 Apr 4 min

Will Intel's deal with Arm improve PC's forever

Ever since Apple's success with their own Arm-based silicon chip, which began with the M1, Intel has been playing catch up. Will their partnership with Arm finally help them in the race?
14 Apr 10 min
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