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As humans' impact on the planet becomes more evident, there is a need for independent reporting. Living Planet looks at new technologies, visits innovative projects and keeps you up-to-date on the state of the earth.
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What's better: Plastic or paper?

Plastic or paper packaging. The more environmentally friendly option seems obvious, right? But concealed within this deceptively simple choice between two materials is a whole lot of different chemicals, marketing tricks and greenwashing. So, which is better for the environment?
29 Feb 15 min

What's better: E-readers or paper books?

Do you ever find yourself stumped by a seemingly simple choice between two things because you're not sure which would be better for the environment? Like plastic or paper packaging, cotton or polyester pants? We're going to try to find some of the answers in a new segment exploring these…
22 Feb 14 min

The comfort of a tree

How often do you stop to really look at the trees in your neighborhood or in your local park? Though you mightn’t have really noticed them – they certainly notice you. They might even be listening in on your conversations. Journey with us to Berlin to meet a special tree…
15 Feb 14 min

We need to talk about farmers and mental health

Recent studies say mental health is in decline among farmers, and they say climate policy is partially to blame. We spoke with German farmers and experts from different EU countries to find out more. And what they had to say was eye-opening.
8 Feb 29 min

The truly amazing world of fungi

When you hear the word fungus, what comes to mind? Maybe you're thinking about those semi-circular growths on tree trunks in the forest, or some mold on a piece of fruit. Estimates suggest more than 90% of all fungal species are still unknown to science - and that new discoveries…
1 Feb 27 min

If you love salmon, you might want to listen to this...

From farmed salmon with open wounds and lice-infested bodies, to the dangers of mating between wild salmon and its farmed counterpart after thousands of fish escaped from a fish farm - we take you to Iceland's aquafarms. And: why it's a good idea to pay close attention to the Southern…
25 Jan 29 min

Why this 3D-printed house could be a gamechanger

This week, a deep dive into the fascinating story behind a 3D-printed house made entirely of bio-based materials. We spoke with people behind BioHome 3D to find out why Maine was almost a fateful setting for this project, and what its effect might be on the US housing crisis.
19 Jan 21 min

Is recycling really the answer to the plastic crisis?

Globally only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled. But why is that rate so low? On this week's episode of Living Planet, we're airing an episode from a special on the plastics age which was produced by the DW podcast On the Green Fence. 
11 Jan 29 min

Bugs that eat plastic

What if there were a way to curb plastic pollution using enzymes? That's what scientists are exploring. On this episode, we'll take a look at how realistic this solution might be.
28 Dec 2023 30 min

The everyday Americans tackling climate change

Americans across the United States are grappling with unprecedented extreme weather events. And if you travel across the country, you'll meet all manner of people, from winemakers to aviation experts, who are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to find sustainable solutions.
21 Dec 2023 30 min

What kind of world is possible?

Some major climate records were broken this year that paint a grim picture. But what we hear less about are the climate trends heading in the right direction. Dr Hannah Ritchie wants to help us see them.
15 Dec 2023 33 min

Cooling amphibians & carbon-capturing mollusks

Come on a journey from central America to France, to follow the story of the quirky, feathery-gilled Mexican axolotl with a key role in regulating Mexico City's temperature, to meet climate-conscious clam and oyster fishers in Italy, and to visit the backyards, vineyards and fun parks in France replacing their…
7 Dec 2023 29 min

Amitav Ghosh on colonialism & the climate crisis

Did climate change start with the industrial revolution, or was it earlier than that? And how can the story of an everyday spice help us better understand the climate crisis gripping the planet today? Renowned Indian author Amitav Ghosh on the link between colonialism and climate change and how his…
23 Nov 2023 30 min

War & warming

The military isn't exactly known for sharing its secrets. But what about when that information has huge consequences for the world's fight to limit deadly warming? Kept behind closed doors, military emissions and pollution have long avoided proper scrutiny. Climate researchers are determined to uncover it.
17 Nov 2023 29 min

Holding on: Holland's farmers, California's salmon & Germany's Ahr valley

As Holland continues to battle dangerously high nitrogen levels, its farmers grapple with drastic crisis measures and how to shift to more sustainable farming. In California, the salmon have disappeared from an important river, but one radical change could bring them back. And one man's quest to get a new…
9 Nov 2023 29 min

Is it time to end biofuels?

Making fuel out of food. Sounds like it could be pretty sustainable, right? But then again, does it make sense to be growing crops for fuel that could otherwise be food? We travel to the US, Kenya and Germany to interrogate how biofuels came about, their promises and drawbacks and…
2 Nov 2023 29 min

Rethinking conservation

We head to South Africa, Kenya and Namibia to look at different ways conservation has taken root to sustain some of the region's most iconic species. And we talk to carnivore ecologist and author Mordecai Ogada about some of the problems with classical models of conservation and what alternatives are…
26 Oct 2023 30 min

The business of bogs

Peat bogs are enormous carbon sinks. They store twice the amount of carbon dioxide compared to the planet's forests. But ever since people discovered peat was useful for gardening, farming and heating, they've been digging it up, selling it, and releasing gigantic amounts of CO2 in the process. Now, Germany…
19 Oct 2023 30 min
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