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Gareth's Blog: Meaning, Purpose and the New Year

Every year I write something hopeful, something that I wish would help just one person who reads it to have something to reach for in the new year. This has been such a tumultuous year that it almost feels like I need to reconsider everything, even my parting shot for 2020. But have no fear, there’s enough inspiration to go round, even after an annus horribilis like this. I’ll start with the things that have kept me going this year, that have given my life meaning, and perhaps they will strike a chord with something in your life...

Gareth's Blog: The 12 Online Commandments

The Internet isn’t real life. Look, I’m, sure you know this already, but let’s all take a minute in what has been a very difficult year, to take stock of our lives. Thanks to Covid, for many people the Internet is the only kind of social activity they’ve had. It’s frighteningly unhealthy and you must do everything you can to break free before you lose your soul online. That may sound dramatic, but the evidence of mental and emotional breakdown is there for everyone to see. Don’t let it happen to you. Here are the twelve online commandments...

Gareth's Blog: Desiderata 2020

Not sure why, or for whom, but I felt it necessary to say this:

If you’re going through hell at the moment -
If your life isn’t anything like what you always hoped it would be-
If people are disappointing you or hurting you -
If you’re hopeless, disconnected, lonely -
If you’ve fallen out of love with music, art, dance, even love -
If you aren’t turned on by the things that used to turn you on -
If you find conversation and philosophy pointless and uninspiring-
If you’ve given up on treating your body like a temple and treat it like a garbage heap -
If you don’t appreciate what others can do for you -
If you’ve forgotten what explosive, unbounded happiness feels like -
If you feel like you’ll never have enough -
If you don’t sleep because your nightmares are worse than being awake -
And if you look around and see a world that’s broken,

Please consider that you’re not alone, that you’re alive, and that all the universe, fate and the most impossible series of events over billions of years conspired to bring you into existence here and now.

That there are many worse off than you, and not just materially...

Gareth's Blog: Power to Podcasting

Podcasting is flourishing, not just globally, but in South Africa. There is no other audio medium that can reach an audience as highly engaged as podcast listeners. Loyalty and influence come with a highly engaged podcast audience and as a result, the people who make up this audience are an attractive target for brands. In CliffCentral’s six-year pioneering journey, these are just three of the lessons we have learned...

Gareth's Blog: Civil disobedience

America celebrated their Independence Day over the weekend, a day that marked their split from the kingdom of the oppressor of the day, King George III of Great Britain. Since we’re revising history left, right and centre (but mostly left), I thought it might be useful to remind ourselves of what was going on back then, and why it matters as much today...

Gareth's Blog: Dear Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma...

I write to you in my private capacity as a citizen of South Africa, just in case the media read it wrong, again. I watched your NCCC briefing today. I decided at the outset to give you the respect due to you - as an elder. Without the usual judgement that we’re all prone to, I listened not to get angry or find fault, but with an open mind...

Gareth's Blog: What now?

How are you doing in this madness? ‘Vasbyt', as the Afrikaans people say. I write one of these blogs every week and normally they’re not as controversial as the last two, but they might interest you if you’re thinking about what happens next. Just like any other mammal, I don’t have any special powers to predict the future, but I think it’s becoming clear that the lockdown will have far-reaching ramifications...

Gareth's Blog: 'The Big Debacle'

We live, we learn.

It has been almost three weeks since we heard from the President, and two weeks where I have found myself trending on Twitter. Neither of those things is optimal.

I’d really like to hear from the President - because we’re in crisis and it would be in everyone’s interest to know what the endgame is...

Gareth's Blog: Dear Mr President...

We’ve all been ready to support you and your administration in your efforts to save lives from this pandemic. Even people like me, who have questioned the idea of a lockdown as the best response have decided to comply and do whatever we could to help. We set aside our concerns over the heavy-handedness of the police and army; we swallowed and accepted that poor people in informal housing would be crammed into their one-room dwellings for a month; we limited our trips to the shops and even accepted not being able to buy hot food (for whatever inexplicable reason)...

Gareth's Blog: Unlocking the Lockdown

OK, so we’re all coming to the end of our lockdown sentence - and you’ve probably been angry, depressed, anxious, frustrated, scared and numb - at least a few times each. I am not one to gild the lily and if you’ve ever read any of my stuff you know I’m not here to give you platitudes or the kind of “inspirational” but meaningless nonsense most people put on social media. We also haven’t made some simpering ad with piano music and quotes from spiritual leaders to pretend we care. We do care, and that’s why we haven’t stopped during lockdown - whether it’s my daily show or our award-winning podcast series. To those who have joined the podcast family because of lockdown, welcome! We hope you’ll stay, no matter what happens next.

Gareth's Blog: Lockdown Lowdown

Time to level with each other, ok?

You don’t have to prove you’re exercising at home during lockdown - we’ll know at the end when you roll out of your house if you did or not.

I believe you’re working from home. Thanks to all the holidays, April was a write-off anyway, so we were only expecting 50% from you. Don’t feel bad if you’re not the most productive person on Earth - you’re not.

You don’t need to post a screenshot of your Zoom calls to friends - I’m sure you have some. After this you’ll still be chatting on Zoom because there will be no restaurants, clubs, bars or events left to meet up at. Get some practice while it’s still en vogue.

Gareth's Blog: We’ll get through this together

Can you believe what this coronavirus outbreak is doing to us? It has everyone jumping, and in the midst of mass-hysteria toilet paper stockpiling and stock markets crashing, we should take stock of ourselves. Let’s take a sober, rational look at the madness that has taken hold in the last few days, all over the world...

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