Gareth's Blog: Desiderata 2020

Not sure why, or for whom, but I felt it necessary to say this:

If you’re going through hell at the moment -
If your life isn’t anything like what you always hoped it would be-
If people are disappointing you or hurting you -
If you’re hopeless, disconnected, lonely -
If you’ve fallen out of love with music, art, dance, even love -
If you aren’t turned on by the things that used to turn you on -
If you find conversation and philosophy pointless and uninspiring-
If you’ve given up on treating your body like a temple and treat it like a garbage heap -
If you don’t appreciate what others can do for you -
If you’ve forgotten what explosive, unbounded happiness feels like -
If you feel like you’ll never have enough -
If you don’t sleep because your nightmares are worse than being awake -
And if you look around and see a world that’s broken,

Please consider that you’re not alone, that you’re alive, and that all the universe, fate and the most impossible series of events over billions of years conspired to bring you into existence here and now.

That there are many worse off than you, and not just materially...