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Gareth's Blog: Does your Brand tell Stories?

Does your brand tell stories? Absolutely! And podcasting is the most modern medium of the ancient form of storytelling. Welcome to the era of on-demand listening where people listen when they want to - and listen to what they want to. In 2021, branded podcasts have become an important tool in any company's marketing arsenal...

Gareth's Blog: Podcasting update - August 2021

So what’s happening in podcasting? The short answer is a lot. Podcasting went up by 50% in 2018 (according to Nielsen) and then doubled from 2019 to 2020. For, our audience doubled again since the start of the pandemic and lockdowns, and this is probably true for other South African podcasters...

Gareth's Blog: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Thabo Mbeki was right: There really are two South Africas. Most people jump to the conclusion that we’re a nation divided along racial lines. Others think it’s about the haves and the have-nots. The events of the past few days have made it abundantly clear that the real divide is between those who want law and order, and those who see the law only as a means to make themselves more powerful...

Gareth's Blog: #FreeSpeech

If you google 'Gareth Cliff’, one of the first links that comes up is an article from November 2020 about an interview I did with David Icke, the well-known conspiracy theorist on my eNCA TV show, So What Now? The show was specifically created to "highlight diversity of thought and talk to people with different opinions - leaders, opinion makers, alternate voices and people who don’t think like you and me - because great minds don’t always think alike"...

Gareth's Blog: Third Wave

If you’ve ever heard a song and found that it resonates with you, you might start to question what that actually means. If you’ve ever heard someone sing out of tune or strike a horrible chord on a guitar, then you equally know what dissonance is. When people use the word “resonant” or talk about harmony, it isn’t obvious that they mean what you think they mean...

Gareth's Blog: CliffCentral Covid

Well, this is more of a blog than anything I’ve written for a while... Covid has come to CliffCentral. We like coming up with clever alliterative phrases for new ideas and divisions in the business - like CliffCentral Communications, CliffCentral Campus, CliffCentral Creative and CliffCentral Collaborations. Now we have CliffCentral Contagions...

Gareth's Blog: How to Argue

Not a week goes by where you don’t see two neanderthals abusing each other because they have a different point of view online. Do you wonder, like I do, if their anger and stupidity could be channeled into great arguments that might change minds and move us all forward, instead of making us dumber and more primitive?

Gareth's Blog: #CliffCentralTurns7

Sometimes you need to stop and take a breath. Perhaps last year’s pandemic and the resulting drastic lockdown measures gave many of us that opportunity. Armed with an excuse, some of us have used this time to appreciate the extraordinary changes in our lives. The most valuable businesses - like Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook  - didn’t exist 30 years ago, now they’re the ones we can’t live without...

Gareth's Blog: "Get On With It!"

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday the 9th of April 2021, at the age of 99. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was in my final year of high school. The headmasters, head boy and head girl of each of the schools in Pretoria were invited to a garden tea in honour of The Queen’s State Visit to South Africa and Nelson Mandela. Through family connections, I was invited along...

Gareth's Blog: Little Things

Maybe I’m getting old - or wise (I'll leave it to you to decide) - but I’m taking more and more pleasure in small rituals. Perhaps the relative monotony of lockdown is to blame, but I have discovered magic in unexpected places. If you’re about to give up on me, hold on. Let me explain by way of some examples, and this might convince you neither of us are going mad...

Gareth's Blog: Farewell to a very weird year

2020 will soon be behind us, and with the possible exceptions of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, nobody will be sad to see the back of it. But if, like me, you absolutely cannot spend another minute talking about vaccines, masks or curfews, then what I’m about to tell you will (hopefully) feel like something fresh...

Gareth's Blog: Meaning, Purpose and the New Year

Every year I write something hopeful, something that I wish would help just one person who reads it to have something to reach for in the new year. This has been such a tumultuous year that it almost feels like I need to reconsider everything, even my parting shot for 2020. But have no fear, there’s enough inspiration to go round, even after an annus horribilis like this. I’ll start with the things that have kept me going this year, that have given my life meaning, and perhaps they will strike a chord with something in your life...

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