Radio Langa

Radio Langa is a fresh and vibrant station that aims to dish
up excellence to Youth & Adults with our swiftly automated
and customized broadcasts. Established in 2020, we cater
to Youth at any corner of the universe with nothing but a
vibe of #20Greatness. Our music is an ocean of all genres
eloquently buttered to breeze the soul to wholeness. Our
mantra is Infotainment( Information-Entertainment).

The Heatwave

4 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±16 min episode every 12 weeks, 6 days
An afternoon show that aims to recharge the vibe after a long day. Boasting with humorous takes on realistic situations, whilst informing the listener. Diverse and hyped music to tie it all together, driving you home with an invigorating mood and peculiar food for thought.

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