05 Balancing Blood Sugar for Energy, Hormone Health and Metabolism | Jessica Nusbaum

Understanding blood sugar and why it's vital in women’s health.

In this episode, Kylie Jane is joined by Jessica Nusbaum to discuss what blood sugar is, the food and other factors that influence blood sugar, and why balancing our blood sugar levels is critical in terms of women's health healing and hormones.

We discuss:

1. What does blood sugar mean?

2. Why balancing blood sugar levels is so important in women's health

3. How stress, caffeine and other factors impact our blood sugar levels and the effect this has on metabolism, hormones and how we feel

4. Debunking common nutrition myths that affect blood sugar and overall health - sugar in a cookie vs sugar in fruit, fat makes you fat, carbs are bad, fibre will bloat you

6. Joy as a nutrient

7. The importance of self-care, stress management and our relationship with food in balancing blood sugar

8. Tips on how to naturally and holistically balance blood sugar levels for improved metabolism, hormone health and vitality