08 The Power of Daily Rituals and Managing Attention for Days Well Spent | Mensa Wang

Simple, daily mental wellbeing tools for the hyper-digital age.

Where attention goes energy flows.

In a world of information overload, it's so easy to spend a whole day feeling like you’re getting pulled in 100 directions, distracted, and busy without doing anything meaningful or productive.

In today's attention economy and ‘respond right now’ environment, cultivating voluntary attention is your key to performance, mental fitness and rebalancing your inner calm and clarity for better mental wellness.

In this episode, Kylie Jane speaks to Mensa Wang - co-founder of Today Well Spent - to discuss the power of morning rituals and taking control of our attention for a day well spent, and a life lived well.

We discuss:

1. The distraction economy and The Attn Journal™ - one of the wellbeing tools Today Well Spent is creating to help put you back in the driver's seat of your attention, and therefore, your life

2. Confronting the mismatch between what we can do and what we think we can do

3. Disarming perfectionism and how to cultivate a healthier relationship with productivity

4. Why the notion of "to-do lists" may not always be the answer

5. The foundation of wellbeing is what Today Well Spent calls Attention Intelligence™ or AQ - what does AQ mean and why is it important?

6. How to create healthy boundaries to increase productivity

7. Digital hygiene - with great freedom comes great responsibility - how to use technology to enhance your daily wellbeing

8. How the habit of micro-journaling can change your life
22 Aug 2022 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Society & Culture

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