04 How Mindfulness can help us cope with Uncertainty | Monique Sundree-Latchmi Rogers

Using mindfulness to help us reframe and cope with uncertainty.

We're experiencing increasingly uncertain times - from Covid to volatile economies and shifts in how we work and live.

Uncertainty can be a major cause of stress. Some people can “roll with the punches,” adapting to changes quickly, while others struggle with the unknown and are likely to experience changes in mood, sleep or appetite patterns, and coping.

In this episode, we're joined by Monique Rogers – Ecologist, and Integrative Movement and Mindfulness Teacher - to discuss what mindfulness means, why it's become such a vital component of modern wellness, and how we can use mindfulness tools and techniques to help us reframe uncertain situations and move through periods of transition with grace and a grounded sense of self.

We discuss:

1. How uncertainty, and the fear and stress it brings impact the mind and body

2. What is mindfulness?

3. Why has mindfulness become such a hot topic in recent years and a vital component of modern wellness?

4. How can we better manage periods of change or uncertainty using mindfulness?

5. How mindfulness can make us more compassionate to ourselves and others during periods of transition and why this matters

6. Simple mindfulness tools and techniques you can incorporate into your every day to help build resilience and cope with changes and uncertainty in a healthy way
9 Jun 2022 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Society & Culture

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