07 Understanding Hormones, PCOS and Cultivating Body Acceptance | Trista Chan

Understanding hormones in women's health and how to balance them naturally.

The menstrual cycle is a stunning barometer for what is going on inside the body. However, the wake-up calls can be relatively gentle or can scream loudly at you.

In this episode, Kylie Jane is joined by Trista Chan - a registered Dietitian and women’s health expert – to discuss what hormones are, their vital role in women’s health, and a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Kylie and Trista explore some of the most common hormonal challenges, what might be occurring, and the importance of cultivating body and hormone intelligence to begin the journey of self-healing through our nutrition and lifestyle choices.

We discuss:

- Understanding hormones and their vital role in women's health and wellness

- Diet and lifestyle factors that affect women's hormonal health

- Common signs or symptoms of unbalance hormones

- PCOS - what it is and how we can manage it?

- Why what we eat and when we eat matter for hormonal health

- Reframing the nutrition narrative from a restrictive roadmap to nourishing, individualised and culturally-sensitive self-care

- Trista’s top tips on setting sustainable, nourishing goals for optimal hormonal health and radiant wellness
16 Aug 2022 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Society & Culture

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