One day you’re cock of the walk, the next a feather duster - NinetyOne’s John Biccard

One of South Africa’s best-performing fund managers over the past 20 years, John Biccard shares his view on the macroeconomic environment and stock selection within the NinetyOne value fund, which has returned more than 17% per annum over the past two decades. Biccard’s investment philosophy is simple, he targets companies that are out of favour. As a value-oriented manager, he uses a bottom-up, fundamental approach to take advantage of opportunities. Biccard is concerned about general global valuations and has positioned the fund accordingly, taking positions in more defensive counters. Some of value fund’s largest counters, including AngloGold Ashanti, Tiger Brands, Brait and Spar are discussed at length as investment propositions. Biccard’s reputation as a fund manager is unparalleled given his immense outperformance since the beginning of the millennium and his decision-making and investment philosophy is truly unique, which makes for an interesting conversation.