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#GROOTtrauma & Reg of Verkeerd met Pieter Cloete

244 EPISODES | GROOTFM 90.5 |  Podcast, ±31 min episode every 5 days
Pieter se radioloopbaan het in 2010 by ’n klein gemeenskapsradiostasie begin. Hy het sy vlerke gesprei en in April 2016 die Knysnabos verruil vir Pretoria se stadsliggies, waar hy weeksaande jou uitgenooi het om saam met hom te kuier op GROOTfm 90.5 vanaf 18:00 elke aand. Met sy professionele, tog gemaklike stemtoon en persoonlikheid, help hy jou vanaf Maandag, 30 Maart 2020 tussen 05:00 – 06:00 weeksoggende, om wakker te word en gereed te maak vir die dag wat voorlê.

Pieter hou jou op hoogte van wat op die paaie gebeur en deel ook relevante nuusgebeure wat deur die loop van die nag/vroegoggend plaasgevind het.

Om 05:35, deel hy daagliks inspirasie-insette deur verskeie persone soos Lindie Strydom, Elizabeth Theunissen, Jaco Strydom en Deon van der Berg.

In 2017 was Pieter ‘n finalis in die gemeenskapsradiokategorie ‘Best night time show’ by die Liberty Radio Awards en in 2018 ‘n finalis in die ATKV-mediaveertjie kategorie ‘Beste aanbieder by ‘n gemeenskapsradiostasie’. In 2019 Wen Pieter die RDMA-toekenning (Responsible Drinking Media Awards) vir die ‘verantwoordelike gebruik van alkohol’-inset, op die program GROOTtrauma (hy was ook ‘n finalis in die kategorie in 2018). Sy program, Reg of Verkeerd (Dinsdae-aande om 20:00) is ook in 2020 genomineer vir ‘n SA Radiotoekenning in die kategorie: News & Actuality program.

2 Crickets In A Thorn Tree

65 EPISODES | SA INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS |  Podcast, ±1 hr 05 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
Nicholas Lorimer and Gabriel Crouse provide their own unique take on everything and anything going on in South Africa and the world at large, with a focus on history, philosophy and current affairs.

Getting away with murder in South Africa, Russian oligarchs, American elections and geopolitical strategy all feature in this unconventional podcast.


4 EPISODES | VOLUME |  Podcast, ±35 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Access is a 4-part podcast series that looks at the impact of Intellectual Property (IP), specifically patents on accessing health care in the context of COVID-19. Each week, we will be joined by local and global experts to discuss and make sense of global developments that affect us locally in South Africa.

Presented by Fatima Hassan.

Produced by the Health Justice Initiative and Volume.

Boots on the ground

22 EPISODES | MULTIMEDIALIVE |  Podcast, ±24 min episode every 2 weeks
In this short podcast series, we follow Sunday Times top investigative journalists as they cover the real stories that make-up SA’s national headlines.

Boots on the ground is a true piece of mobile journalism — all interviews, voices and sound effects have been gathered using nothing but smartphones.

Boots on the ground is a production of MultimediaLIVE, a division of Arena Holdings.

PLEASE NOTE: This podcast may contain explicit and sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

#COVID-19, #SALockdown, #Coronavirus, #Investigation, #Police

Don't Shoot The Messenger

22 EPISODES | DAILY MAVERICK |  Podcast, ±20 min episode every 2 weeks, 1 day
Don’t Shoot the Messenger is a podcast brought to you by South Africa’s leading independent news and analysis website, the Daily Maverick. We take you into the stories behind the stories, to give you a fresh view and new insight on some of the most important topics of the moment.

Jerm Warfare: The Battle Of Ideas

236 EPISODES | JERM |  Podcast, ±56 min episode every 2 days
Society is becoming increasingly hostile towards independent opinions or ideas that differ from the mainstream.

We’re living in a time in which values and principles no longer matter; there are no universal or objective truths; cowardice is celebrated; and critical thought is a threat that must be stopped.

Jerm Warfare is about pushing back.

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