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Breakfast with Martin Bester

Breakfast with Martin Bester
Martin Bester has been driving Mzansi to work and keeping us company, or in stitches, or tears, every Monday to Friday from 06:00-09:00. The Breakfast family, or rather your morning family, takes an authentic approach to storytelling. Martin Bester's in-depth radio knowledge ensures that Breakfast with Martin Bester remains an annually award-winning show; but more importantly, he knows what his audience wants to hear. Martin responds with beautifully crafted storytelling that genuinely builds anticipation and a community around that "What's next?!" moment.

The team keeps his listeners grinning from ear to ear as they try to figure out what the 'Secret Sound' was this week, or which music powerhouse will play live during 'Friday Live.' Tune in on Tuesdays and find out 'How Hard Can it Be?' as the team giggles their way through trying their hand at something new. Imagine Martin Bester playing the didgeridoo or tattooing someone live on air…for the first time! Too funny!

Show Features:
• Good Morning Angels
• Secret Sound
• Friday's My Day
• Morning Family Quiz
• Throwback Thursday
• How Hard Can It Be
• Friday Live
• Confession Session
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How Hard Can It Be to guess someone's job by just hearing their voice

Breakfast with Martin Bester challenged themselves to guess listeners' jobs by just hearing them speak. Every Tuesday between 07:00 and 08:00 on Breakfast with Martin Bester, we ask ourselves: How Hard Can It Be? Each week, Martin Bester, along with Philicty Reeken and Xola Ntshinga, attempt a different activity to…
9 Jul 2AM 16 min

South African singer Scallywag shares her journey

Charlene van Rooyen AKA Scallywag, has been singing and performing on stages across South Africa, and on Friday, she shared her incredible story with Martin Bester just before she wowed fans with her Friday Live performance.
5 Jul 2AM 14 min

Martin Bester gives major Secret Sound clue!

Breakfast with Martin Bester has R50,000 to give away on the new Secret Sound. This one has been especially difficult that's why Martin Bester decided to give listeners a huge clue to help one lucky listener win R50,000. To enter, all you need to do is SMS 'Secret', your name,…
3 Jul 3AM 2 min

Angel help for Kofifi FM and the people of Westbury

Good Morning Angels and Rentech have assisted Kofifi FM and the Westbury Community Development Trust in spreading hope and helping the Westbury community, which is riddled with crime, drugs, and gang violence.
3 Jul 2AM 9 min

Confession Session: We can't be friends if you...

In this Confession Session, Breakfast with Martin Bester asked listeners to complete the sentence: "We can't be friends if you..." to find out what are somethings that are off limits for our listeners.
27 Jun 3AM 14 min

Helping a passionate coach to raise young rugby stars

The Good Morning Angels assisted the Jaguars Rugby Club with R10,000 towards their awards celebration as well as R15,000 towards next year’s kit and jerseys. That’s a total donation of R25,000 to help the Jaguars develop the young rugby stars of the future.
26 Jun 2AM 5 min

How Hard Can It Be to make a remix?

The Breakfast with Martin Bester team has had some iconic lines and moments on the show. Would we be able to make a viral song by remixing some of these moments?
25 Jun 2AM 7 min

Roodepoort woman shares how she lost over 60kg

Carli van Niekerk saw herself staring down a path that she did not like. In her 20s and early 30s, her weight became a 130kg burden that she had been carrying around for years. Everything changed for Carli in 2011 when she was watching her two sons play with her…
24 Jun 1AM 23 min

Singer Dodo Nyoka talks about fleeing from war, being bullied and his wolf!

Dodo is no stranger to the Afrikaans music industry. In 2022, he was the runner-up on the popular talent competition 'Die Kontrak'. But there is much more to this young man than his music. He also spoke about his interesting and tough past. Having to flee from war-torn African countries…
21 Jun 2AM 8 min

How two strangers in Pretoria became BFFs through running

If you have been on TikTok recently, you might have spotted these two. Maryke is a Pretoria local who has been an active runner. While running in her neighbourhood one day, she realised that someone was running along with her! That's how she met Nesta a domestic worker who spotted…
20 Jun 2AM 11 min
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