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Ecopsychology: The Power of Nature

The concept of ecopsychology is becoming a big talking point as experts encourage individuals to feel the grass beneath their feet, breathe in the fresh air, watch wildlife go about their day, or get their hands dirty in the garden. We sit down with Conservation Psychologist, Dr Andrea Marais-Potgieter. Exploring…
5 Dec 11PM 35 min

Josh Crickmay: A Big Life

An out-of-the-box approach to bring their son back from the brink of death. Josh Crickmay is living a big adventure, repaying a life debt to mother nature.
4 Dec 11PM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (4 December 2023)

It's Dezemba and it's been a whopper of a year overflowing with news events that left us stunned, surprised, infuriated, despondent, and inspired. We look back on some of the major newsmakers that had an impact on us and the nation.
3 Dec 11PM 31 min

The LinkedIn Swindler

He used a popular social media platform for professionals to lure his unsuspecting international clients. But once they paid up, the so-called LinkedIn Swindler disappeared with their money. But police are on his trail.
28 Nov 11PM 12 min

Bird Flu

A devastating outbreak of bird flu, farmers on the brink of financial ruin and a last-ditch attempt to prevent food shortages. Can the poultry industry survive SA’s worst outbreak in recorded history?
27 Nov 11PM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (27 November 2023)

First-time voters show up in full force, but will it be enough to effect change in the upcoming national elections? We talk about coalitions – again – as a minority party speaker takes her place in Joburg. Then, the ongoing war in Gaza hits close to home as the ANC…
26 Nov 11PM 20 min

Ikwezi Lokusa: A Good Deed

It should have been a moment of celebration; hundreds of donations from generous Carte Blanche viewers delivered to children with special needs at Ikwezi Lokusa. But it almost ended in anger and frustration for the volunteers…
21 Nov 11PM 15 min

Hysterectomy Hell

It’s estimated about one in four women will have a hysterectomy by the age of 55. Melanie Verwoerd became part of that statistic, and endured months of a gruelling recovery after her surgery – but now for the big question: was the operation even necessary?
20 Nov 11PM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (20 November 2023)

We look at why Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has his sights set on Africa. Then, a Harvard report provides some clues on how to fix the country. We make sense of the Forex Cartel case involving multiple major banks. Later, the global fight against TB continues and South Africa is…
19 Nov 11PM 20 min

Liquid Gold

Fuel spiking, cross-border tax fraud, under-declaring of quantities… We expose a game of dodgy clearing agents and fake paperwork as the underground dirty fuel industry costs the country billions. We go undercover.
14 Nov 11PM 19 min

Springboks Homecoming

As South Africa continues to celebrate the Springboks' recent Rugby World Cup victory, we look back on their thrilling journey and get a glimpse of things to come.
13 Nov 11PM 8 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (13 November 2023)

As the war in Gaza continues, we look at the inexcusable human cost on both sides. Then, the fight against corruption continues but is government even in our corner? Later, Transnet has gone off the rails and another bail out is probably not the best solution. And hold onto hope…
12 Nov 11PM 21 min


Peacekeepers, force multipliers, or a Premier's private army? Hastily deployed with training still in progress and now accused of brutal assault. We investigate how Gauteng's Crime Prevention Wardens might become a law unto themselves.
7 Nov 11PM 12 min

Written in the Bones

She's among the rare few experts who can decipher the secrets in bones. Through her work, she reveals how and why a newborn baby passed away.
6 Nov 11PM 10 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (6 November 2023)

Is there a doctor in the house? Certainly not when it comes to bogus doctor, Matthew Lani. Homeless and hopeless: survivors of the Marshalltown Fire are left to fend for themselves. Then, as loadshedding makes its unwelcome return, Eskom delivers even more bad news. And we pay tribute to two…
5 Nov 11PM 19 min

Not So Qute

It’s compact, lightweight and has a top speed of 70km an hour. In the cutthroat business of e-hailing services, the Bajaj Qute is an unwelcome competitor. But is the new kid on the block operating illegally and putting the lives of motorists and commuters at risk?
1 Nov 12AM 11 min

Saving Private Rhino

While poaching continues to decimate South Africa’s rhino, conservation efforts were given a lifeline with the purchase of the world’s largest population of privately owned rhino. Can an audacious plan by NGO African Parks to rewild 2,000 of them help save white rhino in South Africa?
31 Oct 12AM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (30 October 2023)

The ANC wants to call it quits on partnering with the EFF. The latest Brenthurst Survey predicts some interesting 2023 election outcomes. Then, the AGOA Forum kicks off this week. And the SA Music Awards in limbo. But first, Erin Bates and Queenin Masuabi look at the Springboks' unforgettable Rugby…
30 Oct 12AM 21 min

Joburg Undermined

Explosions, sinkholes, earth tremors. Beneath our feet, the dangerous, volatile world of zama zamas. But could rampant illegal gold mining ultimately destroy Johannesburg?
25 Oct 12AM 18 min

Unsung Hero

Runner Jono Kruger runs with purpose. We meet the local hero who’s challenging poverty in the lives of children in his Eastern Cape.
24 Oct 12AM 10 min
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